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News for the week of 08-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

When word of AMC’s resurrection first spread, Eden Riegel (Bianca) really hoped she could be a part of it. But she didn’t know how that could happen with her based in L.A. and the show filming in Connecticut. But god bless TPTB at Prospect Park, Riegel said they made it happen with the staggered, creative, shorter rotational filming schedule between AMC and OLTL. This accommodates the cast’s busy schedules. She was also very thankful to even be asked back to represent the Kane family. It’s a huge responsibility she doesn’t take lightly. She didn’t shed much light into previews — the online cable-like show will be a little more racy, no love story for Binks, no mention of why Erica’s not around — but did remark on the interesting dichotomy of the process with Access Hollywood’s Jolie Lash (April 2, 2013): “I think a funny thing happens when there’s much more creative freedom. Because we’re doing it on the web, there aren’t as many restrictions. In a strange way the show feels a little less edgy, I think it’s gone a little bit more to the heart of what the show originally was, which is relationship driven rather than plot driven.”

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