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News for the week of 12-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

What’s with the copycatting of soap stories? The latest could be AMC borrowing from Y&R and GH’s playbook, if Pete and Celia turn out to be half-siblings. On the August 8th TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman on Blog Talk Radio, this possibility and more got airplay. Fairman spoke with Rob Scott Wilson (Pete), Julia Barr (Brooke), and Ryan Bittle (JR) about their stories. Bittle got a kick out of his character being named the A-Rod of Pine Valley. Barr was as in the dark as fans, up to a certain point, when she read in an advance script that Brooke would open the door to a familiar face, and so delighted when that familiar face turned out to be Michael Nader (Dimitri). “I love him dearly. We have been around enough to not get too uptight about things, and yet we care, and have a great time playing off one another. I think it was great that they brought him back.”

Gossip for the week of 12-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Does Rob Scott Wilson (Pete) realize he’s become a Teen Beat centerfold to even non-soap fans? I hear lots of mother-daughter combos watch the online AMC just to swoon over him. Colby, OTOH, should get her own Skin-e-Max channel.

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