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News for the week of 17-Feb-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

After a 50-minute hearing in L.A. Superior Court February 10, Judge Robert Hess ruled in favor of Prospect Park against a motion by the ABC network. ABC requested the court strike Prospect Park’s request to extend its licensing agreement and to have its payments to the network “excused” during the length of the $100 million breach of contract suit. Both sides represented by lawyers said their piece, but Hess left Prospect Park’s request in. ABC filed the motion January 13, after Prospect Park filed its amended version of the initial April 2013 complaint, asking the court for “at least $30 million in out-of-pocket losses and/or at least $95 million in lost profits.” All this over Prospect Park’s contention that ABC violated terms of their joint agreement. What this means for AMC and OLTL fans is, blah, blah, blah, their stories still aren’t on. According to a February 10th Deadline report, ABC must respond within 20 days to Prospect Park’s amended complaint. They meet for a conference-case management meeting, March 13.

Alicia Minshew (ex-Kendall) dwelt a lot on the lesbian kissing scenes in Hillary B. Smith (ex-Nora, OLTL) and Crystal Chappell’s (ex-Maggie, OLTL) new, online political family drama, Beacon Hill (going live March 5). A natural topic of conversation, since Minshew was tapped to play Chappell’s lesbian daughter. Minshew had the good fortunate of pairing up with the astounding, Emmy-winning actress Sarah Joy Brown (ex-Carly, GH) as former lovers. She had to proceed with caution, only because of Brown’s strict allergies and oh, it would’ve been Brown’s first on-screen with another woman (they loved their first time together, it was a breeze, btw). “I know that there are certain things that she is allergic to, and so I needed to make sure that the make-up I was using had all natural ingredients so she was cool with it,” Minshew said. “But then we just did the kiss. We actually had to do it a few times. I remember it was cold outside and the two of us were huddling up against each other and holding hands. Sarah was a natural, my friend! You would never know she never kissed a woman before! [laughs]”

Naturally, the topic of Prospect Park’s AMC and subsequent cancellation also came up. It saddened the actress greatly. She was set to return for the finale, probably to help Miranda deal with the truth of being a child of rape, but she didn’t feel confident about joining the initial online launch. “I never had a great feeling about the reboot,” Minshew said. “I so wanted it to go well for the fans and all of my friends that were involved. I had some other things going on at the time and felt a little removed from it. I thought, ‘OK, maybe I can’t be a part of this now, but maybe I can be a part of this later on,’ which is why when Ginger called me I was excited to be a part of it. I did do one day on the reboot and the show was going well then. It’s unfortunate how it all ended.” –Michael Fairman, February 9, 2014 interview

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