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News for the week of 20-Jan-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

ABC responded to Prospect Park’s $95 million lawsuit by asking the courts to deny the request for any extension of the licensing agreement. “Here, Prospect Park is not asking this Court to resolve an unsettled question by interpreting the Agreement. Instead, it is doing the exact opposite: asking this Court to rewrite the contract to unsettle something that parties have already firmly determined -- the term of the License,” read the network’s documents. ABC also claimed that Prospect Park agreed to the GH story using OLTL characters in 2012. “To the contrary, Prospect Park exercised its option for both OLTL and AMC in December 2012, and the parties subsequently entered into two additional amendments to the license agreement, which each extended Prospect Park's time to begin production of the shows and gave ABC continuing use of the OLTL characters on [General Hospital].” Susan Klein of Valle Makoff represents the network. This will go back and forth for a while. Have a beer. Hollywood Reporter, January 15, 2014, reporting by Eriq Gardner

Perhaps part of the reason for Prospect Park’s colossal failure with AMC and OLTL is a failure to follow up on its initial inquiries into actor availability. Another favorite actor was passed up after indicating interest. Rebecca Budig (ex-Greenlee) caught up with TV Guide’s Michael Logan. “…I expressed interest and then they never came back to me! [Laughs] I wasn't insulted at all but I was a little disappointed. I really, really miss Greenlee. But, then, none of my men were there. They didn't have Cameron Mathison. They were never going to get Josh Duhamel. What they should have done was bring back Danny Cosgrove, who is amazing. Love that guy! Michael B. Jordan was my brother on AMC and now he's a big movie star. So what were they gonna do with me? I'd be all alone!” Budig said she kept up with the new, Prospect Park AMC and — like many fans — she wasn’t impressed. “…I wasn't crazy about it. But I really wanted it to do well, because I love the show and I love the soap world. I still keep in touch with people. I just had lunch with Alicia Minshew. I'm still close with Linda Dano. Mark Consuelos was a guest on Better to plug his Alpha House series and he looks so fantastic. I was, like, ‘What is he drinking?’ I want some of that!”

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