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News for the week of 24-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

The good news is, Prospect Park and the union (I.A.T.S.E New York Production Locals 52, 161, 600, 700, 764, 798 and USA829) for the crews have reached an agreement, ending their dispute and allowing production to recommence August 12. The bad news is, due to the flack over excessive profanity on AMC and OLTL online, Prospect Park is choosing censorship, as of June 24, over creatively reworking storylines and characterizations.

Prospect Park CEO Jeff Kwatinetz June 6 broke in a new, live interactive radio talk show presented by The OnLine Network and hosted by Michael Fairman. “TOLN SOAPS Live with Michael Fairman,” purported to be the world’s biggest social radio network, will delve into interviews with guests attached to AMC and OLTL and will include fans in the Q&A process. Fairman, an online soap columnist with his own exclusives, will also spotlight outstanding performances and soap moments from the week. The radio talk show is on for an hour every Thursday, 10 p.m. EST/7 p.m. PST.

Cady McClain (Dixie) keeps busy documenting her life in soaps, her vlogs, and other things that capture her fancy. In “Real Beauty,” the actress gets into quite a bit of detail on her skincare. It’s not as simple as which soap to use or even cutting out dairy. She has 10 basics to follow, including some product placements (NUFACE micro current facial toning device, Dr Jessica Wu’s "Feed Your Face," Skincuticals vitamin C serum, Phloretin CF).

Alicia Minshew (Kendall) makes her way back July 10.

Paula Garces (Lea) is pregnant with her firstborn, due this fall.

Gossip for the week of 24-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

The outcry of disbelief and disgust was palpable on social media last week after news of Prospect Park’s profanity censorship. Most fans criticized the move as overkill, as overkill as the profanity-laced online soaps. Others, a very few, didn’t have a problem with the cursing per se, as much as the degree of gratuitous cursing. To them, it’s like TPTB were trying too hard to be edgy in keeping up with the rest of the anything goes cable fare. My view is, instead of getting rid of all profanity, reevaluate the entire storytelling and characterization of the online AMC and OLTL series, with compelling reality in mind. Judicious, not gratuitous profanity Otherwise, Prospect Park looks like a chump.

The explicit sex scene between Colby and Pete turned some heads. Fans bombarded YouTube to view it, but the sex scene was deemed way too sexy and removed. This might be the very stunt, however short-sighted, to keep AMC in the loop.

Maybe Brooke and Dimitri will hook up, leaving Adam behind, mused SoapTown USA’s Loose Lips June 16.

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