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News for the week of 27-May-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

What happened to Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder? They’re out as of the May 24th announcement by creator Agnes Nixon. Replacing them as co-head writers are Lisa Connor and Chip Hayes. In that official statement, Nixon vouched for the new hires thusly: “Lisa Connor collaborated with me on the final draft of the All My Children 25th Anniversary Family Album. For two years she also served as a line producer of the program and was creatively involved in plotting and writing daily episodes since 2002…. In addition to his six years as a producer on Melrose Place, Chip Hayes in 2003, became a vital member of those devising the ongoing drama of All My Children. He remains in this crucial work through its incarnation on the internet.” Soap Opera Network, May 24, 2013

The first episodes of AMC and OLTL are available for free on TOLN’s YouTube channel, now.

Subsequent to the Prospect Park announcement the other week of reducing the number of weekly episodes of AMC and OLTL, FX Canada decided to cancel its plan to air those soaps altogether. The FX Canada deal hinged on AMC/OLTL airing five days a week. When that changed, there wasn’t a deal anymore. Viewers in Canada can still watch on iTunes Canada.

Because of the reduction in episodes per week, and Hulu Plus agreed to let viewers watch the first three weeks of AMC and OLTL for free to catch up.

Vincent Irizarry (David) pleaded with viewers to understand Prospect Park’s decision to reduce the number of episodes AMC and OLTL airs a week. The actor reiterated that research showed the necessity of such a reduction. “Please understand, the decision was made out of our producers being sensitive to the viewing patterns and busy lives of all our faithful viewers. They were able to analyze by the third week, many viewers were still just watching shows from the first week, thereby having fallen behind by 12 hours of viewing at that time already; if they were watching both shows. Their decision was based on their genuine desire to prevent any of you from falling so far behind, whereas you begin to experience catching up as an obligation, or worse, as a burden.”

Gossip for the week of 27-May-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Raven Beauty isn’t enamored with the reboots either. She doesn’t believe Prospect Park’s having issues with viewership and episodic numbers but content. “It’s obvious that the writers must not have ever actually watched AMC & OLTL (or retained any of those memories) because none of the characters are acting like themselves. We are all so grateful to have the shows back. But the problem is not viewership, it’s the horrible music, lack of anything truly recognizable out of the characters, and the stagy look and feel of the reboot. It’s like craving chocolate cake for a year, and finally getting it, only it has this tasteless foam as frosting instead of butter cream. They are ruining what we had, and blaming it now on viewership (how convenient)! Just keep twisting the knife PP.” What she said.

Lindsay Hartley (Cara): What is happening to her face and body? She’s reappeared back on the AMC landscape looking scarily emaciated.

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