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News for the week of 28-May-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

In order to come up with a reaction to her Daytime Emmy nomination, Debbi Morgan (ex-Angie; Harmony, Y&R) had to go back in time a few months ago to that bittersweet moment of AMC’s cancellation and all that surrounded it. Actually performing the scenes she submitted, were almost as hard. Jesse had confessed to covering up the death of Angie’s infant with one found in a box nearby. “All I remember was those scenes were so gut-wrenching and difficult, because those are the scenes where you just have to hope that they get it on the first take,” Morgan said. “Because to repeat all of that again is difficult, and you just want it to be fresh and be in the moment. Whenever you are outside and dealing with the elements and not in that controlled environment, like you are when you are in the studio, things happen. And we had to do that scene two or three times. It was tortuous! So I said, ‘Well, damn. I deserve an Emmy for this!’ (Laughs) I may not get one, but I damn well deserve one! (Laughs)” Michael Fairman interview

Melissa Claire Egan’s (ex-Annie; Chelsea, Y&R) Daytime Emmy-nominated submission reel involved showing the layers of her character’s spiraling madness. She credited co-star Jacob Young (ex-JR; Rick, B&B) in part with helping her bring out the vulnerability juxtaposed against the cruelty. “It was Valentine’s Day and Annie had just locked Marissa in the attic. She goes down and talks to JR and he is trying to get her to commit herself. … At the beginning of it, you saw crazy stuff where she is in Glenn Close Fatal Attraction mode when she is in the attic. You see a nastier version of her there. And by the time she goes downstairs and talks to JR, you see how vulnerable she is, and how terrified she is of Oak Haven. I just thought it was well-written and Jacob Young was incredible in those scenes. I just liked how they turned out. They were really sad when he was trying to get her to help herself.” Michael Fairman interview

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