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Previews for the week of 23-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Luke endeavors to find out the truth, regardless.
  • Despite Luke’s best efforts, other people start finding out about his sick family tree.
  • Lulu and Dante are on Luke’s case, sifting through the clues to get a hold of the man.
  • Ava fully expects Silas to end her life.
  • Don’t expect Elizabeth or Jake to fall for wife act, set up by Ric.
  • Jake has a tough time wrapping his mind around this supposed wife of his. He doesn’t feel it’s true.
  • Ric naively believes it will all come together for his greater good.
  • Ric and the fake wife, Hayden, happen to cross paths.
  • Color Carly flabbergasted by the latest bulletin.
  • Last week, Sam told her father she was ready for love with Patrick, but when he brings up the next step, she hesitates.
  • Now, Sam’s dwelling on what Jake said prior to going under for the brain operation.
  • Patrick slips neatly into the role of father figure for Danny, a fact that does not go unappreciated by Sam.
  • Morgan and Kiki prepare to make Michael look like an unfit parent — with drugs.
  • Ned and Michael work together to hold onto the family company of ELQ during a hostile takeover situation.
  • Maxie expresses disgust and unhappiness at Nathan’s ungentlemanly behavior.
  • Spinelli tries to get Maxie to listen to him, and perhaps bend to his will. But she is a person, not a prize, guys.
  • Julian and Duke meet again by happenstance, as the atmosphere is rife with strife.
  • Duke recaps Sonny about what’s in store for Jordan to prove herself mob-worthy.
  • Olivia second-guesses whether it’s right not to tell Julian he’s gonna be a father.
  • Shawn shakes in his shoes, because Sonny and Duke could end Jordan.
  • Sloane demands that Jordan explain herself, close to blowing the whole undercover case.
  • Julian lures Alexis over, in a loving state.
  • Alexis does a song-and-dance number guaranteed to drop jaws at Nina’s hearing.
  • Nina and Franco love on each other.
  • Nina and Franco find out more of what they’re looking for. It’s a start. They begin to concoct a scheme.

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