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Previews for the week of 29-Jun-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • PC celebrates the Fourth of July, will body bags be needed, or divorce papers?
  • Halleluiah, a Felix-and-Brad sighting! Brad whispers to his former flame that he can’t bring himself to be honest about one thing to his fiancÚ, Lucas.
  • You know things are messed up when a child is the one to make a whole lot of sense. Spencer delivers a damning blow to Nikolas and his selfish ways, with tough love. But is Nikolas even paying attention with all the evil on his plate?
  • Sam has her say with Nikolas, rebuking her cousin for his power-mongering.
  • Jake tells Nikolas to blow it out his ears. (Jake would rather continue on as Michael’s loyal servant if it means retaliation.)
  • Jake wants to help Michael get back at Nikolas in a huge way.
  • Sam also wants to help pave the road back to victory for Michael.
  • Someone drops in on Elizabeth, throwing her off her game.
  • Kiki gives Nikolas a head’s-up about a development that could curtail his schemes, forcing him to move forward in a hurry.
  • Watch out, Nikolas, Hayden’s back — or she likely will be. Patrick gleans the latest on his patient’s prognosis. Never get a bullet to the head with Dr. Drake around.
  • Sonny catches Carly up on Michael and Morgan’s soap operas.
  • If it weren’t for Sabrina’s influence, Sonny would still be without his kid, Avery, aka A.J. She is the only person able to talk Michael into giving back Sonny’s child.
  • After doing such a good deed, it’s natural for Sabrina and Michael to give into their long-simmering lust with a good f*ck.
  • Ava (still pretending to be Denise) wheedles her way into Avery’s orbit for some quality mother/daughter snuggling.
  • Morgan cannot stop fantasizing about what he’d like to do to Denise. The horny little turd will have his way with her soon enough.
  • Inevitably, Morgan and Denise succumb to their baser instincts. Poor stupid Kiki, left out in the cold.
  • Morgan decides not to break his girlfriend Kiki’s heart but continues the charade, while messing with Denise on the side.
  • Franco increasingly disapproves of Kiki continuing to let Morgan dabble with her heart.
  • Luke and Laura only wish Jennifer Smith was the worst of their problems. Their enemy is much greater and much darker. The stakes are much higher than the chance to go at Luke’s petrified pecker.
  • The actual villains holding Lucky captive contact Luke and Laura.
  • Laura asserts her strength and compassion by refuting allegations from this character.
  • Luke can’t wait to return to Tracy safe and sound, but first he knows he must get to Lucky.
  • The kidnapping party has a photo of Lucky presented to an increasingly agitated Luke and Laura.
  • Lulu continues to risk her marriage by holding off on telling Dante what he needs to know and keeping company with Dillon, who knows. She’s on pins and needles about Lucky’s state.
  • Luke and Laura will eventually enjoy an exciting face-off for the love of their son, Lucky.
  • Luke takes care to let Lulu and Dillon know what’s been going on every step of the way.
  • Maxie tries to find out where her best friend Lulu went off to from Dante. That’s when she’s irritated by Valerie’s constant presence around Dante — a fact she’s eager to share with Nathan.
  • Nathan says some nonsense meant to calm Maxie down about Dante and Valerie, then the lovebirds remember what it was like for them the last Fourth of July.
  • Meanwhile, Dante gives in to some bizarre, off-the-wall insecurities all of a sudden, by making out with Valerie, Lulu’s cousin. He suffers from morning-after pangs immediately.
  • Valerie reaches out to try and ease Dante’s stress. She just happens to be in the neighborhood…
  • Nina gets a rise out of Franco with her jealousy-inducing shenanigans.
  • Franco and Nina continue to antagonize each other in a kind of sicko foreplay, instead of coming out and admitting their magnetic pull.
  • Ava tosses out an intriguing proposition for Franco.
  • Does Ava come clean, just between her and Franco, about this Denise act?
  • Franco consults one more time with Dr. Liesl Obrecht, who is turning into quite the unlikely counselor for the former psycho artist.
  • Nina loses her marbles at the news that her mom got sprung from Pentonville. She asks Ric what’s going on. He shrugs like an unconvincing fool. But then, it’s Nina here…
  • Lies! Ric does damage control with Nina, swearing up and down that he and her mom Madeline aren’t plotting against her.
  • At the Fourth of July fireworks, T.J. presents his girlfriend Molly with a gift that means a lot. It’s a moment of peace between them.

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