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Previews for the week of 30-Nov-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

  • Epiphany is the best thing to ever happen to Sonny. She gears him up for the next step — without his wheelchair.
  • Sonny gears up to fight Ava for custody of Avery, Part II.
  • The way Jason’s feeling, he’s done with looking for the why of his identity crisis already.
  • Jason tries to be kind to Sam, but their new acquaintance isn’t helping either of them. He can’t wait to spend time with Elizabeth to feel better.
  • What sort of happily ever after can Elizabeth ever hope to have if she’s always looking over her shoulder? No amount of validation from a clueless husband like Jake/Jason will ever ease the guilt of her knowing she has kept the truth from him all this time.
  • Sam tries to give Laura the shakedown, to get to the truth about who covered up Jason’s true identity all this time.
  • Sam puts her and Elizabeth’s sons together for a playdate, for ulterior motives. She intends to ferret out little Jake’s secret about Jason.
  • The playdate pays off for Sam. She may coax the secret out of little Jake, yet.
  • Elizabeth may look like a delicate flower, but she is no pushover, as Carly soon discovers. Liz pushes right back when her arch-enemy starts goading her about Jason.
  • Jason must constantly validate Elizabeth as his one and only.
  • Meanwhile, Sam is struck with a foreign emotion: rejection from the only man she’s ever wanted love from. Watching Jason ignore her while going for Liz is killing Sam.
  • Jason and Patrick breathe the same air but find they are as alien to one another as night as day. They appear fine to the naked eye, talking about Elizabeth and Sam’s response to this whole situation. But underneath, their polite conversation is tinged with foreboding — a double-edged sword.
  • Patrick worries (rightly) that Sam has lost that loving feeling now that Jason’s back from the dead.
  • Sam can assure Patrick till she’s blue in the face, but her actions speak louder than words.
  • It was only a matter of time before Jordan ran into this blast from the past. Andre, the new hottie psychiatrist?
  • Anna’s therapist issues a serious do or die that prompts the super-spy to act.
  • Anna leans on Robert Scorpio’s steady brother, Mac, right now.
  • A scared but determined Hayden continues in her furtive role as Nancy Drew, to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that Nikolas did order a hit on her.
  • Shawn loans out his felon buddy to Hayden for extra assistance.
  • Talk about clueless dolts. Hi, Nikolas. Proceed as usual.
  • While Hayden snoops, Nikolas focuses his attentions elsewhere.
  • Nikolas is shown acting squirrelly about Robin now, and her predicament. How can he allow her to suffer like this, if he knows she’s a prisoner and her child is at risk?
  • Hayden blows Nikolas’s world apart with what she already knows. Sounds like the jig is up.
  • Just as Elizabeth allows herself to exhale a little — coast is clear, liar liar pants on fire — Nikolas delivers more foreboding, with another fire to put out.
  • Nikolas is at his wit’s end. He must let Alexis know about Helena’s fate.
  • Maxie gamely gives 100 percent to coaching Nina to be a convincing fashionista overseeing Crimson. Why isn’t Maxie taking over the magazine?
  • Maxie kinda hosts her own What Not To Wear crossed with House of DVF with Nina as the prime beneficiary.
  • Ava acts on clues about her secret boss, Paul, but she may push things too far in her pursuit of his M.O.
  • Ava’s first clue about Paul is quite enlightening, and quite dangerous.
  • Paul does not take lightly to Ava’s snooping around.
  • Franco pulls a stupid stunt, to see if Julian’s on the level. The ex-mob boss (?) bites back.
  • Franco is told to behave or else… Jason.
  • Sabrina does something about her pregnancy quandary. Her decision will impact Michael and Carlos greatly.
  • Someone special drops in on Sabrina, changing the game.
  • Sabrina will take advantage of good old BFF Felix to perpetuate her fraud.
  • Tracy dares to believe ELQ stands half a chance of rising up — with her again at the helm.
  • Carlos’s ears are burning. He happens upon a big secret that could get him killed, again.
  • Carlos thinks he knows what to do next about this. Paul corrects his assumption.
  • Paul tries to instill discretion (or else) as Carlos’ best course of action.
  • Paul points out that he remains the boss of this show, as Carlos assesses his best bet.
  • Dillon fills Maxie in on his next plans. She doesn’t react as one would expect.
  • Dillon drops a bombshell that has Maxie’s jaw on the floor.
  • Maxie cheerleads for Lulu to go get her man.
  • At this point, does anyone give a damn about Lulu and Dante making up? It may be too late when she walks in on her husband screwing her cousin yet again.
  • An expert (most likely Dr. Andre), Carly, and Michael go over Morgan’s troubling case. Carly and Michael follow instruction on the next way to proceed.
  • A familiar troublemaker returns to the scene.

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