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News for the week of 01-Oct-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Thursday, September 27, 2012 – a day that will live in infamy, Steve Burton’s (Jason) last day on the set of GH, surrounded by adoring cast and crew, gathered to wish him godspeed. Burton was tickled to see the cast and crew had all donned black T-shirts/blue jeans in his honor for the goodbye party. Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted a picture of the grand event for fans. He’s been on the soap for 21-plus years and will retire to Nashville with his brood. Check out Michael Fairman’s website for a sample of tweets left by Burton’s co-stars.

Head writer Ron Carlivati and his band of merry GH writers made it in a New York Times Magazine photo spread last week, featuring TV writers’ rooms [“One Room. Four Walls. A Million Ideas. How?”]. Based on his caption, it looks like the GH writers work out of Carlivati’s New York-based home (since the show itself films in L.A.). GH writers joined those from The Daily Show, Family Guy, and The Walking Dead.

Gossip for the week of 01-Oct-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda) tweeted last week that she was “shooting today.” That’s it. If this means Brenda’s back, she could be back to exit Sonny as insiders have rumored for weeks to months now. Bye, bye GH. Hello, OLTL.

On September 27, head writer Ron Carlivati had had enough of the pro-Elizabeth criticism on his timeline and went defensively sarcastic on everybody’s asses, insisting that what he was doing to the character wasn’t any sort of assassination but a strange kind of sense. Lord Carlivati even equated Elizabeth’s cheating on Lucky with the likelihood that she’d switch DNA results on Sam. WTF? Here are some of his replies: “Show me a soap character who hasn't done something bad at one time or another… Why is it that when Todd Manning switches someone's baby or tries to smother Johnny I'm not accused of throwing him under the bus?... All I'm saying is that soap characters sometimes make mistakes and do bad things, just like real people.” Well, isn’t that special. Btw, Todd Manning led a gang rape on Marty on OLTL. That kind of makes the issue moot. But then, silly me, I actually try to follow character history and believe in character integrity. Try it sometime.

Several weeks ago, a Daytime Dish insider dropped a spumor about Patrick finding himself smitten with a nanny similar to Robin. This nanny was supposedly connected in more ways than superficial to Robin. It looks like Sabrina’s that nanny. Additionally, she could be related to Duke Lavery and doing his bidding as a spy, watching out for Patrick and Emma. A GH fan named Michele on Twitter suggested that maybe Sabrina was Anna’s other daughter, strictly by the family resemblance. Ding! Ding!

When Jason finds out Todd’s role in the baby switch, he gets quite physically out of control. After Jason victimizes Todd, viciously, Carly comes along to nurse the gang rapist back to health. Carly and Todd will grow closer, leaving Johnny out in the cold, permanently.

Jason must go AWOL, on purpose and according to plan (his, McBain’s, Spinelli’s?). It’s not in a body bag and it’s not as a kidnapping victim. When Jason goes, A.J. comes back to figure heavily in Michael’s story and perhaps find common ground with former bad girl-turned-rape survivor Elizabeth. Jason’s dramatic disappearance catches Sam off-guard, leveling her, and triggering her P.I. impulses. Sam clings to her newfound baby boy even more.

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