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News for the week of 02-Dec-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) had to respond to yet another inquiry about her weight. She posted a November 28th blog, “Gobble Gobble Turkey Neck,” about a (probably) well-meaning, female fan who made a suggestion on fixing that wrinkled neck of hers. That’s just as bad as asking if someone is pregnant. This fan wasn’t outwardly rude about it, but just as annoying with the polite, equivocating suggestions to do something about the appearance of a “Turkey Neck…. You have such a lovely face and beautiful, expressive eyes and your hands are so beautiful and elegant looking. Please do not take offense about my neck comment. If there were no solution for this, I wouldn’t say anything because you are beautiful the way you are already. It just happens that there are really good remedies out there for many problem areas that get more noticeable with age. You have neck folds that are otherwise known to give one the appearance of a Turkey Neck. Millions of people have this and, in my opinion, a simple neck lift done by a qualified doctor can erase that because it’s an issue that can’t be erased by going to the gym or working out, and it can be distracting.” Of course McCullough took offense; any sane person would. Here’s the actress’ take: “My first reaction was to defend myself or lash out. ‘Why doesn’t she send me a picture of herself and let me pick her apart?’ Granted, I am an actress on television and I expect to be scrutinized, but taking the time to be concerned about someone’s neckline that she’s never met and then email some ‘advice’ about how to take care of it, kind of blew me away. Anyhow, I’m going to settle on ‘Focus on yourself’ as my response to this person.

“The documentary ‘Miss Representation’ tackles the issue of why there aren’t more women in leadership positions, particularly politics and entertainment. One of the reasons is that women and girls are taught from a very young age that their appearance matters most of all. We comment on each other’s make-up and hair, more often than we praise each other for our ideas and our intellect.

“Thanksgiving Day seemed like a good day to talk about freeing ourselves from that little voice inside your head that tells you that something about you, just isn’t good enough. Well, I say… SCREW IT! Give that voice the day off and don’t let the door hit it in the ass. Enjoy your feast, wherever you are and be thankful, because life is a gift. And instead of talking about how FAT you feel or look after you eat, give yourself a compliment. Look in the mirror and say ‘Hey, I really like how you did your bangs today’ or… whatever.

“And as women, let’s just be nicer to each other. It was a woman that sent me that email, by the way, not a man. And today, the whole day, I’m going to really nice to myself.

How about you?

Have a great day everyone.”

Gossip for the week of 02-Dec-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Executive producer Frank Valentini gave head writer Ron Carlivati some Thanksgiving week homework: More stories through 2015, aka, GH isn’t dead, dying or in any danger of getting cancelled! “The network very pleased with GH's demo performance and its October views. [Daytime Dish, November 27, 2013]”

Robin wasn’t going to break up Patrick and Sabrina’s wedding after all, but then Emma sees her mommy and goes over making a scene. Emma calls attention to Robin back from the dead. Patrick’s mesmerized and Sabrina’s destroyed. Sabrina does the noble thing and backs out without letting Patrick know she’s left. Sabrina looks for Carlos to attack him for causing this, “Sabrina goes to Carlos & blames him for not making her stop the wedding.” Patrick finds Sabrina with Carlos and while he is firmly back with Robin, he’s still territorial about the nurse he almost married hanging around her ex. Sabrina acts like Patrick should be with Robin and she should be with Carlos. But Patrick figures out quickly that this is Sabrina’s way of letting him go. Patrick warns Sabrina not to rebound with Carlos, but she says she knows what she’s doing. Girl, bye. When Patrick’s asked by Ava to fix Carlos up after a mob gun fight, he’s put in an even more tricky situation. He doesn’t have the heart to burst Sabrina’s bubble about her ex, the mob enforcer, but he may have to. Patrick’s concern about Sabrina is misconstrued as undying love. –Rumors from RRed, as reposted on SoapZone, November 29, 2013

Genie Francis (Laura) may have had to cut short her GH tenure last summer, because of a relative’s ill health.

Lucas will return in a new form by February.

Lulu and Dante will learn they have a biological baby, the one Britt stole from them in embryo form. But by then this couple will have irreparably split up.

My colleague Cody Murphy (of Weekdays with Murph-Blog Talk Radio) last week started his GH blog, Murphy’s Musings. It’s a combination of a soap recap, line of the day, and his reaction as a fan. You’ll even learn a few things: “Speaking of Obrecht (fan boy moment #3 is coming), Kathleen Gati is another soap star that I consider a friend.  Oh, by the way, that accent is not, and I repeat, not, real, in case you haven't figured that out already.” Quite fun and quite popular; like watching GH with a friend.

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