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News for the week of 02-Jun-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

GH brought in some of the biggest May Sweeps numbers in seven years. Thatís in total viewers. Check out Errol Lewisí May 30th break-down on Soap Opera Network.

The role of Carlyís daughter Josslyn has been recast and SORASíd with a slightly older child actress, Hannah Nordberg (Olive, Little Miss Sunshine).

Gossip for the week of 02-Jun-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Just hand Tony Geary the Emmy now. His is the best, most complete doppelganger portrayal in daytime and primetime and film. And, his gleeful embrace of Fluke — think Bill Murray on an evil bender — made me miss Luke Spencer.

Did Rafe drink, drive, and accidentally run Patrick, a pregnant Sabrina, and Emma off the road that night? Worst of all, did he forget all of that in a drunken haze?

Carly and Sam get hip to why Robin abandoned her family: Jason. This must mean TPTB have a recast in mind. Word is, this summer, theyíll screen-test.

Amanda Lee of The Macomb Daily Blogs: The World According To Mandy is the best online soap blogger out there right now. Every commentary she puts her name to has GH dead to rights. Take this one, from May 28, 2014, ďGENERAL HOSPITAL: How to read between the lines on a soap,Ē where Lee proceeds to read TPTB the riot act for succumbing to the same anvils, and have a little fun with some predictions. I bet most of them come true, including this: ďI predict that Ava either lies about a pregnancy and has to run around trying to get pregnant or she really is pregnant and sheís either carrying Sonnyís child or grandchild (both scenarios skeeve me out).Ē Everybody vomit together now.

The list of soap bloggers out there continues to dwindle due to an increasingly hostile work environment. The latest to go: SoapTown USAís Loose Lips. She explained April 20, 2014 why sheís more than likely quitting this thankless gig. Itís not easy to run with the big, sometimes wild, dogs — least of all these show business types. Youíre often getting it from all ends: the fans, TPTB, the cast, fellow bloggers and other more mainstream media. In the end, the heat proved too much for Loose Lips. This part really got to me: ďSome of you were loyal and for that I thank you and some of you were rude for the nasty language used here and that is one reason the comment section is closed down. I have feelings just like anyone else and to read some of the things people say who donít even know me, but yet come every week faithfully to say these cruel things to me and the other columnists is just plain vicious and downright cruel.Ē

Kids, Iíve been covering daytime since the turn of the century — damn I feel old — and Iíve been through what Loose Lips, Ravenbeauty, Errol Lewis, and Sage have all been through. To continue to serve the good, decent, faithful, and insightful soap community (the majority, donít let the bad reputation of a few loudmouthed trolls fool you), score an occasional scoop, and recognize some brilliant, almost miraculous acting — Tony Geary in the twilight of his career, Rick Hearst (Ric) on the precipice of Emmy greatness himself playing the surprise scapegoatÖ thatís why most of us do what we do. Itís not to ride the coattails of some B actor on a Twitter shout-out, or belittle another soap blogger to enlarge our tiny egos. To tell you the truth, Iíve also considered quitting.

Lately, I just havenít been interested in watching soaps, much less writing about them. I got a job as an AXS beat writer, covering jazz nationally, for a real salary, and my sonís many Select sporting events often take me away on the weekends. This past Memorial Day Weekend, I was away at a baseball tournament, cheering my sonís team on for four days, so I didnít have time to turn in soap columns. I didnít miss it either, sad to say.

Still, Iíve been receiving nasty, entitled, hateful emails every single day, like I donít have a right to a life of my own and vacation. I rarely if ever go on vacation, not even for one or two days. Iíve worked on columns when Iíve had stomach flu and a fever, throwing up in a bucket set up next to my desk chair in between forcing out a paragraph about some soap actress and her dog charity. So donít lecture me about slacking off on something I do as a volunteer, out of the goodness of my heart and loyalty to the owner of SoapZone, Jeff. Do expect me to take more frequent vacation and holiday breaks, especially if they fall on the weekend. I simply donít have as much time as I used to.

I wish Loose Lips well. I hope she knows sheís appreciated by those who matter. For those of us choosing to forge ahead, cut us a break for not living up to your standards, or not churning out columns like a machine. Weíre human. Try to reach out with some appreciation instead. If a soap blogger, like Amanda Lee of The World According To Mandy, wrote a commentary so well that she made you think or fired you up, tell her. If you canít help but admire Soap Opera Networkís Kambra Clifford for her hustle in snagging interviews back-to-back, let her know. Give us some props when we do well, because we do well most of the time.

Youíll miss us when weíre gone.

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