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News for the week of 03-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Wally Kurth (Justin, DOOL) would love to return to GH as Ned, Tracy’s businessman son. Any time TPTB want him, he’s there. But back when he first appeared on GH from DOOL as Tracy’s son, both actors had to get over the context of their previous soap connection—as that of lovers. It took Jane Elliot (Tracy; ex-Anjelica, DOOL) quite some time. “I have to say, it was harder for Jane, because Jane will even say this: For three years she just looked at me with the idea in mind of wanting me [Justin] to want her [Anjelica]. So she had to get that out of her mind, once she started playing my mother. Jane just couldn't go there! [Laughs]” –Daytime Confidential, May 29, 2013 interview by Jamey Giddens

Gossip for the week of 03-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Roger Howarth (ex-Todd) isn’t really Franco. He just thinks he is. Truth is, he’s the good twin to Franco’s bad twin; both twin boys the product of Heather. This supposedly frees Howarth’s character to be with Carly romantically and Kiki to be with Michael. Franco, the bad twin, will continue going around pretending to be—  Huh?, I’m confused.

A lot of Twittering GH fans absolutely hated the Franco reveal on its face. Many of them were sick of writers using the rape card and trampling on character history (Franco was a murdering psycho) just to bring Roger Howarth (Todd, OLTL) back successfully with a far-fetched redemption. Some found Carly’s Michael-&-Sam traditional rape bias grotesque since she (and Jason) made fun of Jax’s rape by a woman. Andrea9192 tweeted May 30: “‘@valentinifrank: What's next for #Franco? #GH50’ Depends. How many #GH characters go under the bus to make him palatable and how often?” But an equal amount of GH fans dug the reveal, finding Howarth’s take on Franco refreshing and funny, not far-fetched, including Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens. Kris/dark_alone didn’t care how TPTB did it; she’s such a Howarth fan, “I guess I just enjoy watching RH that I don't even care he's #Franco now. XD #gh” Rodrigo Santana would rather Howarth as Franco than Franco: “#gh I'll take Roger Howarth who actually wants to act on daytime than a James Francowho looks at daytime as a pet project.” Heather NKCoverGrrl acknowledged the “fancy footwork” in the writing, “but I like it! #GH” Don’t hit me but… I kinda did too. At least Howarth’s a real soap actor putting some effort into the recast role, while covering up the drawbacks in the tedium of Sam, Michael, and Carly (quite a feat), unlike Mr. Deadpan Deadlights going through the motions “movie star” James Franco. Besides, it’s not like he’s really Franco in the end. ;)

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