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News for the week of 05-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) showed his serious, artistic understanding of the internal process when answering Cody Murphy’s questions in a July 31st WeekdayswithMurph Blog Talk Radio interview. All artists — be they actors, writers, painters — have a process they go through before a single work is even made, Samuel acknowledged. “All artists… there’s a lot of internal work, ground work, research, studying, paying attention to the world in which you live, sometimes for most of your life, way before you” take on the role of writer, artists, actor. “It’s very gratifying.”

Samuel has wanted to act on the stage since he was five, watching his dad do stage work in Chicago. He’d often go and see the shows his dad was doing. “Just the concept of this world that was unfolding on the other end of the line… it was a whole, complete world,” Samuel said. “I knew it wasn’t real, yet I was [still] taken away.”

Samuel also sang the virtues of both of his leading ladies, the good girl (Teresa Castillo’s Sabrina) and the bad girl (Kelly Thiebaud’s Britch). He loves them both; they’re his friends and they make life on the set (and off) especially gratifying. Castillo was the first person from GH to take very good care of him. She has been and always is right there for him. A lot of people assume Samuel and Thiebaud are enemies IRL, since they play such convincing enemies on-screen. That couldn’t be further from the truth. “She’s professional. She works really hard. She shines very bright… like a cup of good coffee wakes you up, gets you going.”

Gossip for the week of 05-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

A bunch of past faves return in the weeks to come, including John Reilly (Sean Donely, August 15+), Emma Samms (Holly, already on-set), Nathan Parsons (Ethan), and Sebastian Roché (Jerry Jacks).

Lucky doesn’t return, though. But his letters show up, addressed to Elizabeth, Laura, and Luke.

Maxie suffers a seizure and nearly dies giving birth to her and Spinelli’s baby girl.

Lulu finds out she’s pregnant with Dante’s baby. But then Maxie gives birth and runs away with her baby to avoid telling the truth.

Britt’s unborn suffers a health setback that could change everything and undo Dr. Obrecht’s evil plot. Britt wants to come clean already.

Sabrina gets hit with uncharacteristic jealousy when she gets a load of Patrick worshipping at St. Robin’s altar, over the safety and health of his newborn.

Heather turns out to be Franco’s biological mom. They get to enjoy some quality time together. Franco will respond to the truth about Kiki in a most unconventional manner.

When the secret lineage of Kiki comes out, she happily reverts to Michael while Morgan turns into a boozehound.

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