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News for the week of 06-Jan-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) is as pregnant as her soap character. Only Castillo already knows the sex of her firstborn with husband Shane Aaron: it’s gonna be a girl come May 24. The 30-year-old actress doesn’t yet know what to name her baby girl. She told People in a December 30, 2013 Celebrity Baby Blog that they’re “going to let the right name come” to them. Emma?

Gossip for the week of 06-Jan-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Head writer Ron Carlivati had always envisioned Carly going for a romance with the unlikely Franco. It’s not a romance he would subscribe to as healthy and normal, however, as he recently told Soap Opera Digest. He’s making Michael his voice of reason, but is eager to see where the pairing leads, for dramatic purposes. Frankly, the Carly and Franco pairing falls flat with viewers who were already put through the rigmarole with OLTL’s Todd. Despite his gang-rape resume, Todd struck the better balance. Damn you, Prospect Park! Let go!

Regular Daytime Dish insider HNY January 4 gave quite an accurate — based on online info, interviews, strong rumors, and evidence on-screen — portrayal of executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati. HNY was objective when describing Valentini as ruthless in business with those who cross him, but none of it’s personal, and Carlivati as unable to fully convey the context and tone of his snark with fans. Both “genuinely appreciate the general viewing audience,” but have little time and even “disdain for dedicated online fans.” As for the accusation that Carlivati’s taking out his disdain for fans in storylines, false, HNY asserted. “There have been a few occasions I have detected real spiteful edge to RC’s writing but honestly those were rebellion against network mandates versus targeted at fans. For example, he was roaring mad at ABC for canceling OLTL and wrote a rather spiteful arc about brainless network executives. He was openly spiteful onscreen over the PP royal mess as well.”

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