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News for the week of 09-Sep-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) has been in touch with executive producer Frank Valentini for at least six months, going back and forth on when she could conceivably make her way back to wrap up story. When she checked in on her pal Jason Thompson (Patrick) recently, Valentini had her come into his office and talk turkey. They ended up on the same page, and now she’ll soon be back.

Pepi Sonuga is the new Taylor DuBois. She’s Nigerian and will surface in the recast role sometime later this month. Samantha Logan was originally chosen to play Felix’s younger, wilder sibling. Logan took a movie gig co-starring Steve Carrell and Jennifer Garner, and is in the middle of filming the Disney adaptation of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Every now and then, a soap actor will tweet more than another self-promotion. Sometimes, he’ll tweet backstage revelations. Jason Thompson (Patrick) did September 6th, when he dropped that Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) made last week’s scene extra special. “How good was Brooklyn today? So proud. Love working with her. The best, her last line ‘I love you daddy’ Not scripted, she just said it. #GH” What an actress.

Gossip for the week of 09-Sep-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

As far as Britt knows, she’s been implanted with her egg and an unknown donor’s sperm. But maybe her mom, Dr. O, went behind Britt’s back to steal Lante’s second embryo. That or Britt knows she’s carrying Lante’s baby. Nikolas will rattle some cages, causing Brad to finally admit he didn’t do a thing and Britt to confirm that. Nikolas consents in keeping his mouth shut. When Britt gives birth this week, the baby almost dies in her arms from a weird blood-born pathogen (sound familiar?). This crisis bonds her to her baby boy. She has no intention of giving it up, which is fine by her mom, because Dr. O intends to harvest the baby’s strange blood to save Jerry (and Luke) with it. Meanwhile, Britt and Nik begin to have a romance. When Dr. O returns and sees this, she’s livid, ordering Britt to end this fling with Nikolas—or else he’ll learn every nasty detail of their scheme. Not willing to give Nikolas up, Britt prepares to tell him everything, in spite of her mom’s threats. Dante gets word anonymously that there’s something fishy about Britt’s baby and so, he goes over to give her the third degree. Nikolas gets involved and kicks Dante out. At this point, Lulu’s frantic call — the baby’s been kidnapped! — stops Britt from coming clean to Nikolas. When Nik goes to help Lulu, Dr. O then phones Britt to push the blackmail button. Dr. O convinces Britt to continue going along with the plan and shove Nik out. But inside, Britt’s devising an escape hatch to be with her Prince somehow. From Daytime Dish, September 1, 2013.

In the weeks to come, two characters, including Luke, will see people previously presumed dead very much alive. Could one of them be Maxie’s sister Georgie? Her brief  return as Maxie’s guilty conscience/angel was such a hit that they’re thinking about bringing her back for good, alive and well, as one of several victims of the Swiss clinic experiment. Luke will discover Georgie, along with all these other beloved characters long thought murdered, stuck at this clinic. The story begins to unravel later next month. Luke will have help from his son, Ethan, in locating Jerry and saving the world. When Ethan returns, he will return to stay.

Looks like the rumor, months and months ago, of Sonny going clean and fading away with Brenda is coming true. Connie’s murder straightens him out, paving the way for the Jerome syndicate. TJ is also a casualty of the mob blowout. Olivia is not Sonny’s endgame. Brenda is. Olivia will help usher Sonny toward his happily ever after with Brenda, though.

With the Jerome mob family back in action, other relations return, including Bobbie’s son Lucas, who’s a doctor now and quite possibly Felix’s endgame, romantically.

But what’s this? Sam gets an embarrassment of riches with yet another hot guy hot on her tail, a new doctor. He was supposed to appear earlier, and “is chemistry testing with Liz, Olivia, and Sam, so I'd imagine those three female characters are now his potential love interests.”

Daytime Dish, September 2, 2013

Franco becomes obsessed with Jason all over again. But this time around, Franco desires to literally become Jason II.

When Lante’s infant goes missing, the parents naturally blame Maxie. But Maxie’s been good and honorable. When she hears about her missing infant, she loses her mind. Ellie messes with the wrong post-partum chick. Watch the fireworks before Spinelli breaks them up. Meanwhile Anna is on the case, as Nikolas worries that his lethal family has risen from the dead.

Carlos turns up to do the Jerome syndicate’s next bidding. He’s their Jason. While it appears he’s a former lover of Sabrina’s, he’s actually her brother.

Patrick succumbs to Sabrina’s questionable charms and wifes her up—just as Robin resurfaces. Before Patrick and Sabrina’s walk down the aisle, though, Emma sees her mom very much alive, but nobody believes the tyke.

Level-headed soap viewers and outsiders were appalled to watch Lante fans/assorted trolls go berserk on Julie Marie Berman’s Lulu recast, Emme Rylan. A kind, gentle, and upbeat actress, formerly with Y&R as Victor and Ashley’s daughter Abby, Rylan tried to take the abuse in stride but eventually had to block a few of the more rabid soap fans attacking her for simply not measuring up. Whether that had to do with Rylan not being Berman, or Rylan actually sucking (in their not so humble opinion) as a generic, boring actress, is up for grabs. Personally speaking, Rylan earned her spot on GH’s cast as her own version of a strong but loving Lulu, the perfect blend of badass Luke and soft-hearted Laura. What Emme Rylan did last week as Lulu confronted Maxie over almost nursing the newborn was nothing short of brilliantly nuanced and exceptionally layered. Rylan held her own amongst some tried-and-true actors who are also bringing more to their roles than previously imagined.

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