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News for the week of 10-Feb-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Weird. Finola Hughes (Anna) dismissed Sabrina’s pregnancy with Patrick out of hand during another spoiler-centered Daytime Confidential interview (by Sara Bibel), up since February 5. When Bibel asked how Anna will support daughter Robin once the truth comes out about Patrick turning out to be the father of Sabrina’s unborn, Hughes said, “Sabrina’s not going to be in the picture. I guess she’s going to be with Carlos for a while.” Otherwise, most of Hughes’ words centered around the work her character’s doing as the police commissioner up against the mob. She’d like for her police team to make a dent, and yet, she doesn’t want them to be so efficient that there’s no interesting mob conflict left. “But here’s the way I look at it, the problem is they’re so good to watch. There has to be times that they slip through your hands, so they can continue to play. If you get rid of one set of villains then you’re going to have to bring in another set, so they always have conflict. But I worry about the mob war.”

Soap Opera Digest columnist Carolyn Hinsey acts for the first time on Tainted Dreams blah blah blah. Daytime Confidential has the boring scoop, if anyone cares.

Tristan Rogers (ex-Robert Scorpio) used his Y&R character at the expense of GH to drum up interest from CBS soap fans in a February 3rd, Michael Fairman interview. Seems the veteran soap actor still hasn’t gotten over the shoddy treatment of GH’s Robert Scorpio superspy all these years, because he’s still unfavorably contrasting it with the far better option in some mobster with a thing for an aging gold digger. Rogers did point out that the Robert Scorpio of today, under the current regime, fared much better than in previous years. Nevertheless, that is a hard act to follow, to reconcile all those disparate versions. “The problem I have had with Scorpio ever since I picked him up in 2006 is that I am in competition with myself. It’s a very difficult character for me to play now, because of all the baggage he has and that the public expects so much from the character. So when it’s not in the words, the public goes, ‘Wait a minute.’ He was never written like this.’ You are then placed in the position of having to defend that.”

When Michael Fairman asked actor Ryan Carnes (Lucas) what it was like filming the hot scenes between Lucas and Brad when they first met at the Floating Rib, he got technical details about confusing flashbacks not comments about breath mints and awkwardness. Carnes — who had no idea GH wanted his Lucas back until shortly after his on-screen mom returned and rumors of her son started up online — admitted he’d never before filmed flashbacks and they were tricky for him to do. He described the complicated process: “We would have to be in a scene and then we would have to hold, and then I would have to literally step out of frame. Then, there would be a beat, and they would say Action!, and I would step back into frame. It was the action that would take us in and out of real time, and in and out of the flashbacks and that was the day there was a crazy amount of dialog, and it was like hopping on that moving train [laughs]. But, it was fun.” Carnes isn’t fazed by the role of a mobster’s son, a diabetic, and a self-assured gay man. He looks for those types of social-shifting roles, whether it’s about “sexuality, or race, or religion or political ideology. I always hope I can take on roles that somehow will open people’s eyes, and it would be great to affect change in some way. Like I mentioned earlier, turn on a light bulb in somebody’s head and change minds and open hearts. I think this storyline on GH has the potential to change minds and open hearts. And if we can do that, I would be beyond proud, thrilled, and grateful.” Hit Carnes up on Twitter; he’s admittedly late to the social network game, but loving every fast-paced minute on it.


Who’s Levi? He’s in his late 20s to mid-30s, laidback, New Agey, environmentally conscious, kind of a hippie. Casting’s on the search for the right actor to take on this new, recurring part of about two-three months.

Gossip for the week of 10-Feb-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Who’s the actor rubbing all of his on-set colleagues the wrong way, soon to be shown the door [Soap Opera Digest blind item]? The main clues include well-received by fans and male actor. On GH, it could be either the new guy William deVry (Julian) or Sean Kanan (A.J.).

Think Victor Cassadine’s all there is? Sit back and get ready for more bad guys, some previously thought deceased/killed. They’re either waiting to be thawed out or found out in the WSB.

Head writer Ron Carlivati informed Showbiz411’s Roger Friedman February 3 that procuring James Franco for a GH return would be a casting coup. Friedman found this out from Carlivati at the recent Writers Guild Awards. Does this mean Roger Howarth isn’t playing the real Franco? Is he really Jason then with some mind control from the Cassadines?

Jack Wagner’s Frisco may be on the rise, despite some Twitter drama (he dissed the way he was portrayed the last go around last spring).

Forget about seducing Steve Burton (ex-Jason) back. He just renewed with Y&R as Dylan. Maybe Michael Muhney (ex-Adam, Y&R)? He’s a strong contender based on fan response.

And what if another Y&R actor, Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis) rises up from Nina’s coma on GH? Hmm. Nobody’s saying no outright to this, least of all executive producer Frank Valentini. Your move, JFP.

The only way Victor Cassadine can get Robin to abandon her family is the chance to bring Jason back from the (nearly) dead. When Victor gets nowhere with her on the subject of thawing Helena and Stavros, he whips out his trump card. “By helping to cure his family members, Robin will be able to save Jason. Victor shows her the proof that Jason’s alive. He tells Robin that if she comes with him, it will be for an indefinite amount of time and that she can’t tell her family why she’s leaving. Hence KM leaves GH.” SoapTown USA’s Loose Lips, February 2, 2014

The following rumors come from a February 3rd GH Daily Dish:

… Sean Kanan (A.J.) will defeat those fired rumors yet. Seems his manager definitively assured the actor’s continued presence, with more, surprising story in store. Like, how about A.J. and Sonny having to team up to save the troubled Q’s butt?

… Executive producer Frank Valentini needs actor Brandon Barash back as Johnny pronto. They’ve already met about it.

… Robin lies to her loved ones, making up an excuse — she’s working for the WSB now — to leave. To Patrick, she uses Sabrina’s pregnancy as her convenient out. But she’s really leaving to go save Jason. She just can’t say that, because Victor Cassadine won’t let her.

… Celebrity stunt cast, Donna Mills, appears as someone important to Elizabeth “via someone she cares about.”

… GH fans will recognize Nina’s clan. The name anyway.

… Elizabeth replaces A.J. as Port Charles’ resident scapegoat. Dr. Obrecht and Britt narrow avoid detection by placing fault with Liz for a hospital snafu. Elizabeth begs Nikolas to intervene.

… Olivia steps in for Connie, as Tracy’s new BFF.

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