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News for the week of 10-Jun-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) had her baby, May 29, 10:32 p.m., in L.A. It’s her first baby with husband Shane Aaron. They’ve named the newborn Victoria Milani, Milani in honor of Castillo’s Hawaiian culture (her dad’s from Hawaii). The baby was 7 lbs., 2 oz., and 20” long. Castillo told People’sAnya Leon June 3, “It was completely surreal. I couldn’t believe that this was the little person living in my belly for nine months. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.” Castillo went on maternity leave for the summer.

Maura West (Ava) defended the Ava/Sonny crypt sex as a release of emotional torment rather than a sick place to get off, in a June 2nd interview with TV Guide’s Michael Logan. She was surprised viewers locked in on the sick and twisted part of doing your lover’s father in the very crypt of a man you conspired to kill. “I was never even thinking about the locale! I was thinking about Ava's pain. She told Sonny that she ‘walks the earth with an unfathomable burden’ — a line I really loved that referred to Connie's murder. She was so heartsick she almost told Sonny about it right then. But for a lot of the audience that scene was all about crypt sex…

“Not for a second was I thinking, ‘Oh, my God, we're having sex among the corpses.’ To me, it could just as well have happened in the back seat of a Chevy. That wasn't what the scene was about. I didn't see it as disgusting or some big sin. That's too simplistic. It was much more profound than that. Ava was going through unspeakable pain over Connie. That sex was born out of grief and need and the fact that she was with someone who understood her. That's not something foul. It's something human. I'm fairly new to Game of Thrones but I just got to the episode where they also do crypt sex, so we're not the only ones! [Laughs]”

Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) submitted surprisingly understated but emotional scenes with his on-screen father Sonny for the Daytime Emmy nomination as supporting actor. He knew it was the right scene, because after that show aired, his real-life dad called in tears — and his dad never does that. Zamprogna liked that the scenes had an arc for him to play. “Dante and Lulu’s marriage is on the outs, and Dante thinks their marriage is kind of over because of what happened to Lulu losing baby Connie in the courts. So he goes to the boxing gym and Sonny walks in. It’s just a nice sequence of scenes with Maurice. What I liked about the episode, which I initially did not realize, was at the end of the show it was not one note. There was a bit of an arc for my character in it. What I liked it about it was in the end of it, Dante walks back into his apartment and says to Lulu, ‘I want us to try and have another baby.’ It was a complete shift from where he was at the start of the episode. When you’re submitting for an Emmy, it’s nice to have material where the character goes on some journey.” –Michael Fairman, June 3, 2014 interview

The Daytime Emmys returns to the days of wine and roses and TV oblivion when the ceremony is live-streamed on June 22, 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific. The 2014 Daytime Emmys won’t be on TV, a history making first, perhaps a sign of the times and an eventual deathknell for all soaps. Talk continues of restoring the awards ceremony to a telecast by 2015.

Gossip for the week of 10-Jun-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Head writer Ron Carlivati pissed off a whole slew of GH fans with this Twitter exchange June 6 with a staff member of Soaps In Depth, Richard, I believe his name is. Someone asked about character/relationship development for Silas and Rafe when Carlivati dismissed the notion entirely based on audience boredom: “Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron 7h.@soapsindepthabc There’s character development, and then there’s boring the crap out of your audience.” Here’s a question, Ron: Then why continue to bore us with Silas and Rafe?

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