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News for the week of 10-Mar-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

On Monday, March 3, the 2014 Daytime Emmy pre-noms came out. The actors from GH who made it: Maurice Benard (Sonny), *Jason Thompson (Patrick), Roger Howarth (Franco), *Finola Hughes (Anna), Laura Wright (Carly), *Maura West (Ava), Kelly Monaco (Sam), *Jane Elliot (Tracy), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), *Kimberly McCullough (Robin), Kelly Sullivan (ex-Connie), Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), Bradford Anderson (ex-Spinelli), Sean Blakemore (Shawn), William deVry (Julian), Kristen Alderson (Starr), *Bryan Craig (Morgan), and Chad Duell (Michael). The names prefaced with an asterisk should, IMO, make it to the next phase, the final nominees — announced on May 1.

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin; ex-Craig, ATWT) made it official with his longtime love, Cady McClain (Kelly, Y&R; ex-Rosanna, ATWT; ex-Dixie, AMC). The two got married on Valentine’s Day in a Beverly Hills courthouse, the same one Bogie & Bacall did in their day. Afterwards, they went home and had a party with a burger truck and a bar in the backyard with his parents and her sister, and a couple of friends (Lynn Herring/Lucy, Kin Shriner/Scotty, John J. York/Mac), McClain handled the details. Their wedding/reception was as low-key and casual as they are. Their honeymoon, a jaunt to Mexico, also fit that bill. Lindstrom described the lead-up to the moment very casually, if not very unromantically: “No, it wasn't spontaneous but nor was it always the plan. We've been engaged for quite a while and it just seemed like the natural order of things. We also felt that there would be real protection for one another if we got married. We love each other deeply and get along so well that it was kinda like, why not? I'm not going anywhere. Cady's not going anywhere. So, really, why not?”

But back to Lindstrom’s first film How We Got Away With It, out in New York and L.A. theaters next month. Similar to the Big Chill, Lindstrom’s film about friends who pull off a crime was two and a half years in the making—a big deal: “I’ve talked to filmmakers that I've known for a while, people who've made eight or nine features, and when I tell them I just got my first feature done and it's actually coming out in theaters, they just want to hug me. [Laughs] They all know what I've been through! This is two and a half years of my life, to the exclusion of almost everything else, professionally speaking, but that's what is required to keep a film on track, to make sure it's handled with respect and to make sure it gets submitted to all the right festivals. It certainly takes a big toll on everyone involved but, in the end, it's great. [Laughs] And I'm attached to direct another movie, so it's not that rough!” McClain was on the film project as an associate producer. It galvanized her to direct her own.

TV Guide interview with Michael Logan, March 5, 2014

Gossip for the week of 10-Mar-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Jane Elliot (Tracy) reportedly wasn’t going to participate in the Daytime Emmy rigmarole — until her boss, executive producer Frank Valentini talked her into submitting.

The message board’s buzzing about the possibility of all the successful Carlys returning for a Sonny haunting and Luke really playing either a multiple personality, or Bill Eckert.

How long are TPTB going to drag the baby story out and torture Lulu? About a month or so in relation to a Ben-napping, according to a Daytime Dish insider calling himself CrimsonNCream [February 22, 2014]. The baby-napping occurs after Britt marries Nikolas. Britt and Dr. Obrecht didn’t do it, but someone who hates the Spencers did. Britt has to “out herself” at this point.

The following drops come from GH Daily Dish, March 4, 2014:

  • Looks like Ric and Julian are in cahoots. They talk about Ava stabbing Julian in the back and plotting to pay her back, as well as Jason’s role in the Sam situation. Maybe Ric and Julian are responsible for Jason going missing. “Julian expresses regrets about hurting Sam (re:Jason?). Ric tells Julian they made the right move, that Sam and Danny are better off with Silas than Jason.”
  • When Ric finds out about A.J.’s wrongful murder charge from Elizabeth, he goes to Ava to shake her down. “Ric orders Ava to create a fake paper trail for Sonny and Shawn to trace back to the Jacks family.”
  • Johnny Zacchara returns, when he rings up Sonny first.
  • Is casting searching for another actor to play Tracy’s son, Dillon? Maybe.
  • Patrick finally spills to Carly why Robin had to leave again.
  • Maxie returns with a comedian in tow.

Who are Lisa Lewolt and Zachary Garred? These actors may show up soon as a SORAS’d Serena Baldwin (Scotty’s daughter with the late Dominique) and Levi, the funny guy Maxie shows up with. Pointless.

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