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News for the week of 10-Sep-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Executive producer Frank Valentini defended the OLTL cross-overs in a recent MSN article by Deeva Deanna Barnert. He said he doesn’t just try to give his former OLTL cast members jobs for kicks or at the expense of GH. There’s always a good reason for the move. “We would bring people on if it made sense. We brought Kassie DePaiva (Blair) back for a four-episode arc and it made sense: Her daughter was making her debut. She wants to support her daughter,” said Valentini. “We'll never do something that doesn't feed General Hospital, as well. Starr performing helped tee up the Michael/Starr relationship. That was important for us to do. Then it also furthered the relationship between Todd and Carly. Kassie is a great actress and that's exciting, but it was also a great way to move something forward in the Port Charles world.” BTW, look for DePaiva to make another return. Valentini promised.

To celebrate GH’s new 2 p.m. ET timeslot (and not its rumored cancellation), several of its stars will take to Twitter to do live chats during this hour with fans all this week. Use “#askgh” in the posted questions. Here are the scheduled guest stars: September 10, Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks)/@sebroche; September 11, Roger Howarth (Todd Manning)/@generalhospital; September 12, Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos)/@MauriceBenardMB; September 13, Finola Hughes (Anna Devane), @finolahughes; and September 14, Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones-Drake)/@teenystweeting.

John Lingle (Edward), who’s been ill, appears in moving scenes with Patrick, Emma, and Tracy this coming week. The scenes were so moving that executive producer Frank Valentini told Soap Opera Digest that they had everyone on-set weeping, including him. “I had to catch my breath and yell, ‘Cut.’ It’s huge.”

Jane Elliot (Tracy) made sure to give ringing endorsements to her immediate co-stars, as well as the new boss from OLTL in a September 6th interview with Michael Fairman. She enjoyed working with Tony Geary (Luke), Finola Hughes (Anna), and Robin Mattson (Heather), all, primarily because they go way back on GH together; therefore, there’s this intrinsic level of trust and understanding. Elliot and Geary share a similar acting approach (when it’s time to act, they act, when it’s time to go home, they let it all go), as well, which helps enliven their scenes together. Elliot has had the unique opportunity of shadowing her new boss, Valentini, back when he was a line producer on OLTL – a relationship forged 18 years ago. “He has a really broad stroke and he takes in more information in 30 seconds than almost anybody I know,” Elliot explained. “Frank sees what is going on behind him, next to him, in front of him, as well as having his own inner dialog going on about what is going on, what he wants to fix, and what he wants to change. I love people like that. People like that I find energizing. For me, it’s a thrill. I love working with an executive producer who comes in before everybody arrives and leaves after everybody leaves.”

Kelly Monaco (Sam) isn’t sweating her return as a Dancing With The Stars all-star contestant – coming up in the new season – because she’s in it for the experience. Besides, she still plans to film GH and do DWTS around that, so there’s a job security to help cushion any falls. For her, it’s about trying and enjoying the experience, whatever the judges’ ratings. “I really don't care if they think I suck. It's three opinions out of all America. It really doesn't mean anything to me. I've been ridiculed, I've been praised — I've gone through all the emotions. It doesn't really matter. If I go out there and fall on my face, I tried,” she said. “It takes a lot of courage to get out there. It's really like slitting your wrist and bleeding all over everybody. You're really vulnerable, you're putting yourself in the most vulnerable position and that in itself is commendable. Everything else is an experience. [ by Drusilla Moorhouse, September 7, 2012]”

Lindsey Morgan (Kristina) barely had time to catch her breath before she was given the reins of the lead, recast role – 30 pages her first day – and told to go! Familiar with film scripts, Morgan initially thought the script was for an entire show, not just for her. While it seems TPTB are giving up on Kristina’s reality show, Mob Princess, before it even gets off the ground (sees airtime), Morgan thought it’d be cool to use it in future story, or even in a GH Fan Club Weekend event. “It would be an interesting plotline in the story if we go back and review the tapes. It caught Patrick popping pills and it has the potential of having caught something else. So that could be kind of cool for evidence or blackmail. Someone else could get a hold of the tape.” –, September 7, 2012 interview

When Lindsey Morgan (Kristina) isn’t busy as a lead on GH, and she is, she’s off doing improv comedy at Hollywood’s Second City, performing sketches with an all-girl cast. Opening night was last week for the month-long show, Girl, Intervention, Thursdays 8 p.m.

How about a round of applause for the fabulously underrated Nathin Butler (Ewen), who hit it out of the park last week in his death scenes when he begged – sob! – Dr. Steven Webber not to spare him? Why’s he leaving the show again, and as a despicable criminal compared to Saint Jason? Baffling. Butler’s known on Twitter as one of the more generous celebrities with his fans, his time, and his enormously multi-faceted creativity. His fan club regularly raises money, selling merchandise for worthy causes and some of the merchandise is definitely worth buying not just to get in this soap stud’s good graces. The lead singer of a pop-alt band, The Sugar, Butler displays a vocal efficacy that screams hit maker. Their self-titled album, out on AFCT Records, is up for sale at $8. If enough fans buy it, the band can hit the touring circuit. The GH fans’ best-kept secret will also bring Sean Blakemore (Shawn), another favorite, up on the stage for two major East Coast personal appearances, November 3 and 4. The Ewen & Shawn Show gets into gear with their Oh My Stars tour November 3, 2 p.m., at Governor’s Comedy at the Brokerage in Bellmore, N.Y., (516) 781-5233, and November 4, 11 a.m., at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., (732) 899-3900.

Debby O’Connor’s Your Number One Fan has gathered together a star-studded GH cast for its special November 3rd Fall Getaway Weekend in Orlando’s Marriott Courtyard Lake Buena Vista Marriott Village. Scheduled to make an appearance: Kelly Sullivan (Kate), Erik Valdez (Trey), Haley Pullos (Molly), Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie), Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky), Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Brandon Barash (Johnny), and Lindsey Morgan (Kristina). The stars host their own individual events, with some grouping together. Events start at 9 a.m. Check the site for options. The Marriott Courtyard Lake Buena Vista Marriott Village is located on 8623 Vineland Ave. in Orlando, FL.

SoapTown USA usually posts the best GH Fan Club Weekend recaps. Part 2—focusing on the actor events from July 21-23, 2012—overviews some highlights from Steve Burton’s (Jason), Maurice Benard’s (Sonny), Dominic Zamprogna’s (Dante) and Jason Thompson’s (Patrick) – Zamprogna found the dialogue in HBO’s new broadcast journalism series The Newsroom unrealistic and too slick, while Thompson dug it, the kids’ (Krys Meyer/T.J., Aaron Refvem/ex-Morgan, Haley Pullos/Molly, Lindsey Morgan/Kristina), Ronnie Marmo’s (ex-Ronnie) – “I’m one of those guys who’s surprised if anybody comes” – in his pjs, Kelly Monaco’s (Sam), Kristen Alderson’s (Starr) and Chad Duell’s (Michael), Nathin Butler’s (ex-Ewen), and many more. Butler told fans at his event that he joined Benard, Zamprogna, and Duell boxing to keep fit.

Gossip for the week of 10-Sep-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Daytime Dish’s Different Insider on September 2nd threw GH fans for a loop with the latest spumors. If these come to pass, their worst fears will unfold, as Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Laura Wright (Carly) have to leave, to make room for another influx of OLTL leads (Blair, Téa, Viki, Jack, Jess, David, Clint…) for the take-over: “Jason will be gone in a month. Sonny will be leaving by Feb. You will see that they don't fit into this new hybrid show. The GH of the 80s had villains but the mob elements were used as plot points in the 80s. So to take GH back to its grand day per [head writer Ron Carlivati], he will make the mob a plot point. Thus, there is no place for Sonny and Jason as leads.” The current GH leads and cheerleaders may be in for a rude awakening, according to Different Insider. Executive producer Frank Valentini, Different Insider alleged, will stab them in the back. Leads like Sonny and Carly were never intended to stay; rather, “they’ve been used to introduce the new show,” aka the return of OLTL. Carly with Todd was a “tease” and “twist,” which will end “in another direction [back to Jax and off the canvas].” John McBain, an OLTL lead, will win over Sam, leaving Jason running to avoid arrest. Sonny will reunite with Brenda, then bye-bye. For fans who refuse to believe this of their honorable executive producer, Different Insider had this to say, about Wright’s ouster specifically: “LW had Frons and JFP backing. FV isn't them. He has other priorities. He may smile to her face but don't buy it. She's expensive.” Another interesting Different Insider rumor compared what really happened behind the scenes with Steve Burton’s (Jason) upcoming, amicable departure with the allegedly not-so-amicable one involving OLTL’s Trevor St. John (Victor): “That Burton situation is point for point TSJ. Wait to get the real story from him after he's gone. [September 4, 2012]”

GH’s PTB had originally intended to drag out the reveal of JaSam’s baby until 2013. But insiders claimed this reveal has been sped up to make fans of this couple happy. Reported Daytime Confidential on September 7th: “Looks like General Hospital is gearing up to wrap up the baby switch saga even sooner than I'd heard! Soap Opera Digest reported in their most recent issue that Florencia Lozano would be seen on screen as Téa on Sept. 7.”

Elizabeth and a new cop will fall for each other, according to the latest buzz out there. This new cop will use his charms to disarm everyone, so he can nail Jason for the Franco murder. Jason will then have to flee the scene to avoid arrest, posted Jerry Jacks Insider August 29th in Daytime Dish.

Another one from a Daytime Disher gives Lulu and Dante something horrifying to discuss. Remember they thought they were expecting their first child? This ob-gyn did an exam and declared Lulu as having suffered some miscarriage. But Lulu might have a weird “medical anomaly, they actually researched this,” that messed with the pregnancy reading. This means Lulu’s still pregnant but both her and the baby in utero are in danger from the poisoned toxin Jerry let loose. Despite receiving an 11th hour vaccine, the Lante baby could have a birth defect. Having had an abortion before, Lulu naturally leans in that direction again—over Dante’s Catholic dead body. “Major angst ahead for Lante. [August 30, 2012]”


It’s not TPTB holding up the return of John Ingle (Edward) at all. Ingle himself needed more time away, according to the latest (September 7, 2012) from Trixie’s private, pay-to-read forum Dirty Laundry, reposted at Southeast Online. “One of my insiders heard that Frank [Valentini, EP] told John there was a place for him at GH when he was ready and as of now it is Ingle who is not ready to come back. Apparently he is not up to returning to work as his health is not up to par. I will say TPTB are being much more patient and much more compassionate with Ingle [than] were with AnnaLee when she was ill, but then again you had Frons at the helm and we know how Frons feels about women over 25.”

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