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News for the week of 11-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Jane Elliot (Tracy) knows she’s in a rare position and never takes that for granted. It isn’t too often when a person can count on a place to go to and be remembered through several decades, and then get paid for the privilege. But she can, on GH. With the soap’s 50th anniversary just around the corner, it’s especially poignant. “I’ve come in and out, and in and out, and in and out like four times, and I’ve lived other lives and I’ve gotten married and divorced and raised children and been on other shows,” she told Access Hollywood’s Jolie Lash. “I have gotten to live this full, rich life, with this being the constant in my life… That I was lucky enough to be hired to play a part that would have this kind of longevity is miraculous, because we all know, thousands of characters and thousands of actors have come and gone on ‘General Hospital’… So to have this character and this family to stay relevant over all of these years, and to give me a place to come home to is, unparalleled in show business, truly — that I get to be 66 years old and I’m a working actress and I raised two children on acting money alone. And most of it was ‘General Hospital’ money.”

Brandon Barash (Johnny) tweeted last week that he has requested to leave GH after five and a half years of service. For followers of Port Chuck, this isn’t news.

Ingo Rademacher (Jax) and Vanessa Marcil (Brenda) return before GH’s 50th anniversary gets underway, for a major story, not just a cameo. Rademacher kept denying his GH return up until last week, on orders from TPTB. There’s more, up at Daytime Confidential.

Tony Geary (Luke) would’ve been the perfect star for the Dancing With The Stars venture — when he was younger, he recently said. He started off in show business first as a dancer, an actor in musical theater, and even a Vegas show boy. “I don't know that I would do it, but it would have been nice to be asked.” That’s okay, he’s fine with rooting on his fellow soap stars and thinking the world of the first winner, Kelly Monaco (Sam), all the way through to the most recent addition, Ingo Rademacher (Jax). He even believes more soap stars are on their way. Zap2it/From Inside The Box by Jay Bobbin, March 6, 2013

Tony Geary (Luke) let the cat out of the bag about his and Genie Francis’ (Laura) non-Nurses’ Ball attendance for the April 1st 50th anniversary show recently. He said Luke and Laura will be out on an adventure during the Nurses’ Ball, so they’ll miss it, which was a kind of a bummer for him.

Cody Murphy of Weekdays With Murph on Blog Talk Radio scored an exclusive interview with Lindsey Morgan (Kristina) March 5, his fifth. He told me he “experienced something for the first time as an interviewer today and it made my respect for the guest skyrocket. I was interviewing Lindsey Morgan, who is the sweetest person ever and she turned around and started asking me questions. I thought it really showed what kind of person Lindsey is, that she takes the time to get to know her fans.”

Lulu has been recast with Emme Rylan/Marcy Rylan (Abby, Y&R). The announcement last week stunned many in the soap community, as Rylan had just returned to the CBS soap she called home for many years. Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) quit her role recently to pursue other things.

Cross-overs Michael Easton (John), Kristen Alderson (Starr), and Roger Howarth (Todd) have to vacate GH on-screen as of the week of March 18, in order to return as ordered to Prospect Park’s online reboot of their canceled soap, OLTL. It’s a licensing rights issue.

Gossip for the week of 11-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Helena abducts and brainwashes Lulu, just as she had done with Lucky after that fire. Luke and Laura will go chasing after the Cassadine to rescue their daughter. In the meantime, Maxie mourns Lulu’s death, then tells Dante that the baby she’s carrying is really hers and Spinelli’s to spare the cop the burden of single fatherhood.

Maurice Benard (Sonny) recently tweeted about sharing some scenes with the recently added Vanessa Marcil (Brenda)…really deep, emotional scenes.

Jerry returns to Port Charles, either with Robin in tow or chasing after her. Jax returns too, having suspected his brother of kidnapping. He’s the first one to find Jerry red-handed. Patrick spies Robin at a distance, just like Luke did with Laura many years ago, and go running to his wife. Jerry’s return will be a complete upheaval in Alexis’s love life with Shawn.

Examine Molly and Connie’s novel, “Love In Maine,” closely. It parallels Alexis’s love affair with Sam’s biological father. Sam will go digging into her past to find him—as well as the missing Quartermaine heir. Sam’s dad will make it to PC with a burning curiosity about that novel.

When Nikolas whips out his big check for the Nurses’ Ball, Sabrina swoons. Patrick, who? Britt winds up falling in love with the undercover cop, or another guy—perhaps Patrick’s dad, Noah?—soon enough.

Will Dr. Noah Drake even make an appearance after his portrayer Rick Springfield got nabbed by the cops on a bench warrant for failing to show up at his court-appointed time? According to TMZ (March 8, 2013) sources, Springfield was expected in court for his May 2011 DUI back in February, but never showed. Springfield was supposed to show the court he finished his alcohol education program and pay $1,555 in a fine. “A rep for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department tells TMZ, deputies went to Rick's L.A. home this morning to execute the warrant ... but by the time he was being booked, Rick's attorney had the warrant recalled. Rick was subsequently released.” The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department issued the bench warrant on Springfield last Wednesday. The actor posted on his Facebook that he had no idea of his court appearance: “I didn't know that I was supposed appear in court a few weeks ago. It was to do with the old DUI charge and it's been cleared up and I am free to go.”

What if there’s one more alter to Kate? Portrayer Kelly Sullivan thinks so. “She's been living as Kate for so long that something snapped and she reverted back to this sort of menancing, crazy, over-the-top, tortured soul...that could very well be another alter,” Sullivan told ABC Soaps In Depth, March 4, 2013 interview. Or how about this… Kate is an alter too and we’ve yet to see the host?

Viewers are theorizing that Scotty might’ve brainwashed and mind-controlled Laura into marrying him. She’s only doing it so he won’t make Lulu’s life a living hell over Logan, or maybe worse, Luke’s right about the Ice Princess torture.

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