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News for the week of 13-Jan-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

A Twitter imposter fooled everyone the other week purporting to be soap newcomer Ryan Paevey (Detective Nathan West). What gave it away? “Paevey” responded back to almost every fan, flirting outrageously. Most celebrities don’t do that. The real Paevey – change your generic background cloud image! – finally joined Twitter January 5, 2014, as verified by his management company Justice & Ponder. Thanks to the Twitter imposter for the free publicity. Priceless.

Executive producer Frank Valentini reported to fans and soap media last week of Academy Award-winning actress Shirley Jones (The Partridge Family, The Music Man, Elmer Gantry, Carousel) appearing on GH next month for several shows.

GH fans can now access GH episodes on Hulu Plus. They can watch episodes for free eight days after originally airing on ABC Daytime, and have six days to enjoy: nine episodes on Hulu Plus, four free episodes on

The 45th annual NAACP Image Awards put out this year’s nominees, with Tequan Richmond (T.J.) the only actor to represent GH in the daytime drama category. He’s going up against the CBS block. The Awards Ceremony airs on TV One, February 22.

Bradford Anderson (ex-Spinelli) will add to his real-life family with another daughter. He and his wife expect their bundle of joy in May. Their firstborn Juna is two already.

Newlyweds Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) welcomed their firstborn daughter, Harper Rose, into the world January 7. Barash was the first to tweet about the blessed day, followed by pics.

Gossip for the week of 13-Jan-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

For those aching to watch Robin relive her tortuous years as a kidnap victim, dream on. According to HNY of Daytime Dish (January 5, 2014 post), head writer Ron Carlivati would prefer to move on. “RC feels the viewers already witnessed all of Robin's trials and tribulations. The characters' reaction to those trials would pack an emotional punch. Unfortunately, they occur off-screen and that is a very bad habit of his, I agree.”

Executive producer Frank Valentini has a terrible reputation as a taskmaster and one very tough cookie. While he’s only handling business and probably not to blame for the original edict, it still stings when he reportedly promises that a cast member’s job is safe despite the silly online rumors, only to turn around and drop the hammer as scheduled. At least, that seems to be what will happen to another soap casualty, Sean Kanan (A.J.). Remember when Kanan was supposedly on the chopping block a few months ago? The actor denied the rumor. He might’ve been assured by a certain higher up that his job at GH was secure. Nope. According to Happy New Years (HNY) on Daytime Dish January 9, 2014, Kanan’s out: “I believe it has finally become clear to you AJ's story was totally gutted after ‘something did go down’ in July. I just asked if I could address the SK situation since for months you have been left hanging. ‘Story rotation and guarantees, my ass,’ says my source in response to the excuses made for AJ's continued lack of onscreen story. As I hear it, the situation compares to BB and KSu, and before that OLTL's SC, SH, RS, GT, and TSJ, to name but a few. My source refers to it as the ‘but FV said PR game.’ A game where he will ‘reassure’ the actors and even deliver flowery praise/promises of future story, while at the same time RC brainstorms exit ideas. This game sometimes leaves the actors, and their fans, feeling blind-sided because they trusted FV's word. OLTL fans will recognize this game was played on SH and GH fans saw it played on KSu. My source says FV/RC did reach the decision to exit AJ in July and you are seeing the results of that decision. She believes AJ's story will pick up again, but it will lead to his exit. For your sakes, I will hope a) they rethink this decision or b) she is wrong this time on the exit game being played again.”

If A.J. goes, so might Elizabeth. Or at least relegated as a side character, like Epiphany, brought on only for the hand-wringing. What happened to their promising romance and triangle with Carly? Torpedoed. So we can have the implausible hell that is the pairing of Roger Howarth at all costs Franco and Carly. Enjoy.

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