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News for the week of 14-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Laura Wright (Carly) and the ASPCA team up for the “We-Care” campaign. A pet owner herself, the actress lent her time and her famous face to the campaign as of June 17, as reported July 10 on The ASPCA and have partnered up to offer a browser app for people wishing to donate part of their money shopping online. Over 2,500 online merchants participate in this app. Wright is also offering prizes, including a day on the GH set, for donations.

William deVry (Julian) appears outside GH on Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series this fall — on the Hallmark Channel. deVry will play Warren’s boss in a two-part show, “Stand & Deliver,” September 27 and October 4. The series enters its second season July 19, starring Andie MacDowell and Dylan Neal.

Maura West (Ava) also appears in a new gig, the new horror flick Come Back To Me. Watch the movie — a book adaptation — on iTunes, DirecTV, and iN-Demand July 25th+. The movie’s writer/director is Paul Leyden (ex-Simon, ATWT), a former co-star of West’s.

Tyler Christopher’s (Nikolas) on-screen relationship with child actor Nicholas Bechtel (Spencer) is as easygoing and special as can be. He told Michael Fairman in a July 11th On-Air On-Soaps video interview — at the Daytime Emmys Red Carpet a few weeks ago — that they don’t treat each other stereotypically as father and child. It works. “Oh, my God. We totally have fun. Our take with each other is: he does not treat me like a grumpy old dad, and I don’t treat him like a nine-year-old kid. We talk to each other on the same level. I don’t know if that means he’s really mature, or I’m like a child… I don’t know what that means. (Laughs)”

On July 22, 10 p.m. ET, Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge, B&B) swap wives on the ABC primetime reality show, Celebrity Wife Swap.

Patrick’s Jason Thompson proposed to his girlfriend on Instagram for the whole world to see while vacationing in Mexico, six days ago.

Kirsten Storms (Maxie) and husband Brandon Barash (ex-Johnny) stopped by the July 10th Soapbox on TradioV, with their baby daughter Harper, talking about life as newlyweds and new parents.

Derk Cheetwood (Max) and pregnant wife Cari will have another baby by next spring, their third. They already have two girls, Kylie Danielle, 6, and Audrey Jane, 3.

Alison Sweeney (Sami, DOOL) gets to direct an episode of GH (uh, what about Kimberly McCullough [Robin]???) soon. According to GH executive producer Frank Valentini, Sweeney’s more than qualified for the job. “She's sort of paid her dues and spent some time learning the show. [SOD]” She directs her first GH episode sometime this month.

General Hospital Scoops & Spoilers will be on hiatus until August 11 while Carol is on summer break. Check out our General Hospital message board for the latest spoilers!

Gossip for the week of 14-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

What if it’s not Rafe’s heart Alice receives in donation, but the victim of an unexpected mob hit, aka, Mickey Diamond? Maybe Shawn is tasked to take Mickey down — or has to when he tries to violate Jordan, and, Alice lives!

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