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News for the week of 16-Dec-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Online soap pundits argued last week over which was better: Y&R’s #1 status with overall viewers or GH’s recent #1 surge in key demographics. GH reached #1 with women 25-54 for the first time in six-plus years for the week of December 2, 2013. That was the week Robin returned in full view. GH was also ABC Daytime’s #1 show with women 18-34 and 18-49. –Source: TV by the Numbers by Sara Bibel, December 12, 2013

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Emily Wilson (Ellie) take their characters out of Port Charles next week. Spinelli, Ellie, and baby Connie will head to Portland to live, off the canvas. Anderson had asked to be recurring last May and consented to extend his tenure with GH until the story wrapped up. Wilson, who’s only been recurring, will soon guest-star on ABC primetime’s Castle, featuring lead actor Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey, OLTL).

Ryan Carnes reprises the role of Lucas Jones, biological son of Julian Jerome and adopted son of Bobbie Spencer. Carnes was the second to the last actor to have played Lucas, circa 2004-2005.

Robin Mattson (Heather) told fans not to count her out, just because it looked like Franco stabbed her to death then buried the body. Look at her hand! “Oh come on – you know Heather is a force of nature and cannot be stopped. If the character recovered from her fall off the roof of the hospital, there’s no telling where her survival skills will take her next. I guess you’ll just have to watch and wait and see,” posted the actress on her Facebook, December 10.

Many of the cast of GH, including Kelly Monaco (Sam), Michael Easton (Silas), and Kimberly McCullough (Robin), videotaped themselves wishing fans a very Merry Christmas, viewable on

Gossip for the week of 16-Dec-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Whatever happened to Julian with Alexis? ABC corporate nixed that deal right quick. Somebody doesn’t like Nancy Lee Grahn very much. Here’s the rest from Daytime Dish Blue Thunder, December 10, 2013: “… Alexis will have no story for several months. Julian will get new girlfriend more in line with demo audience. Many vets will leave town. Franco and Carly will be centerpiece. Silas will have dark secret with Ava.”

Another brother for Silas? Seems like it. Coming up, Silas tries to explain his secrets (“adultery, a dead wife, an estranged brother”) to Sam. Cue the estranged brother Seth (?) and a former pal of Dante’s, the one who went astray, and may help Lulu stray (“Seth has some ideas about helping Lulu with her inability to carry a child”). General Hospital appoints three new doctors to its staff, as Patrick vies for the position of Chief of Staff, a position he may not get. Robin receives notice for her medical research. Robin’s father, Robert Scorpio, makes his leave hastily in order to evade interrogation about Faison’s whereabouts. Morgan gets Ava jealous when he gets interested in a younger woman, fresh meat. Kiki and Michael will marry. The mob situation will explode as Sonny and Julian, who has to answer to a higher-up, fight another interloper intending mass control of PC. Luke, Lulu, and Nikolas notice that Laura and Lucky haven’t kept in touch lately, not even for Christmas. Here are more 50/50 GOS (Grain Of Salt) Daytime Dish drops, via Quiche on the SoapZone GH board, posted December 13, 2013:

“Maxie tells ghost stories to the horror of Mac and Felicia.

Carly and Ava are intrigued by a mysterious stranger.

Elizabeth learns a deadly secret.

Leslie has a secret admirer.”

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