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News for the week of 16-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

“I survived the worst day in human history. The day all the men died. Except for one. And I’ve been assigned to protect him” –Agent 355

Kent King (ex-Dr. Lainey Winters) plays Agent 355 in the hot, new short fan film called, Y: The Last Man – an IGNentertainment/Drake 1129 Productions release. Based on a sci-fi serial graphic novel by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Pia Guerra from Vertigo/DC Comics starting in 2002, Y follows the adventure of an ass-kicking heroine (King’s Agent 355) and the man left in her charge. As the serial goes, anyone with the Y chromosome winds up dead instantaneously all over the globe, save for Yorick (hence, Y), the man Agent 355 has to guard in order to save the rest of the species. The acclaimed series earned five Eisner awards. The 20-minute, non-profit fan film co-produced by King and her husband Christian Cardona (also writer and director) succeeds when all others have failed. They got the fan story version off the ground and running online at YouTube last Wednesday, and it’s already hitting the 100,000 view mark. Many in Hollywood have reportedly tried to make a movie adaptation of the graphic novel, only to watch every attempt fall through. King personally reached out to me to talk about the project, in hopes other soap fans would view Y. Besides sharp, stunning images, smart character positioning, mystery-enhancing, clever dialogue, and a totally modern Matrix-like choreographed fight scene between Agent 355 and some Amazon women, there is an extra-special soapy reason to tune in.  “It features an ensemble cast, including none other than my good friend and fellow GHer, Bergen Williams [Alice]. A few of the other cast members have soap history as well. And if you look/listen really really closely, you can spot my bestie Minae [Noji (Dr. Kelly Lee)],” King reported. Not surprisingly, King thrilled fans by participating in the July 12-15 Comic-Con 2012 held in San Diego; always a good time.

Gracious doesn’t even begin to describe Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) when it comes to responding to what’s out there about the JaSam vs. LiaSon exchange (that kiss!) and the recent Daytime Emmy loss. She tried to graciously navigate the minefield by making sure fans understood she and her character were trying to come from a place of help and friendship for Jason. “I was of course excited for the Liason group in getting what they want, and hesitant for the JaSam group and what they would say,” Herbst told Michael Fairman (July 12). “Deep down, I was hoping the kiss was going to be justifiable and it would not make Elizabeth look like she is chasing Jason again. But the writers did a really good job. I didn’t actually see it, but I remember doing it. I think it worked well. I think it was just a natural ‘we have been here before’ kind of a moment. Jason was hurting and it just happened.” Losing a Daytime Emmy as outstanding supporting actress hurt a lot of GH fans (and colleagues) who believed in Herbst’s solid work last year. But it didn’t hurt for Herbst, as much as they feared it might. “Oh my goodness, of course I was OK. I had been there, done that. I am OK. Are you kidding? I was so thrilled to be nominated, especially given the fact that I had been let go by GH that year, and then was nominated. So, to be let go and Emmy-nominated in the same year, that is kind of cool [laughs]. It’s a little ironic! I was just thrilled with the nomination and happy for Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis). We have been friends for a million years.”

Maurice Benard (Sonny) isn’t the only GH cast member to have wowed OLTL’s Michael Easton (John McBain). Easton recently had the pleasure of sharing harrowing but heartwarming delivery scenes with his former PC co-star Kelly Monaco (Sam; ex-Livvie, PC). To validate just how realistic faking childbirth was to Easton, he simply referred back to when his wife gave birth to their child not so long ago. Monaco elevated what could’ve been a tired, old soap opera cliché into something new and riveting: “…when you see her work and the commitment she has, she sells it. She makes you engaged in the plight of her and the plight of her child and makes it work.” –Soap Opera Digest, July 9, 2012

As soon as Kelly Sullivan (Kate) puts on that red lipstick, she gets instantly into Connie’s character. Kate and Connie’s entire wardrobe—as divergent as it’s had to be—has been a total inspiration. The leather jackets are a particular standout. “They really help me because when I’m in the costume, I’m more than halfway there because I feel so urban and so street and so hard.” Walking into wardrobe is like Christmas for this fashion-savvy actress. –Soap Opera Digest, July 9, 2012

Kassie DePaiva (Blair, OLTL) returns to GH starting this week, and she for one couldn’t be happier. Rumors of her feeling a bit left out certainly seems to apply in her July 9th Soap Opera Digest remark in that… “I’ve watched [GH] some, but it’s too sad for me if I’m not in the mix. So I’m thrilled to be a part of it again.” Her return will have everything to do with Todd (do you smell a romance?), which is A-okay by DePaiva, a huge TnB fan. While she’s been away from soaps (her last GH appearance was in March), she managed to return to her pre-soapy roots by doing another horror flick, We Are What We Are.

Gossip for the week of 16-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

When I routinely checked my Facebook last week, I was dumbfounded to see actress Kent King’s (ex-Dr. Lainey, GH/NightShift) private message—to me! She’s a long-time fan! So she must know I’ve been a long-time fan of hers since Dr. Lainey teased a possible sizzling romance with PTS war vet Cody Paul that never went anywhere thanks to the short-sighted IIC. Her BFF, Minae Noji (Dr. Kelly Lee), supposedly teased her all the time about her SoapZone habit. My pleasure, ladies.

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