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News for the week of 17-Dec-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Scott Reeves (Steve) addressed rumors of his impending exit on Twitter — by confirming them on December 12: “Hey guys, u know how much u mean 2 me and I wanted u 2 hear it from me. I was let go from GH today and my last day should b in Feb sometime.”

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) recently put the word out through online media about her charity of choice, the Smile Train and its Season of Smiles holiday campaign. For this holiday campaign, Herbst would like people to get together in groups and try to raise $250 each to help. She said that so far, the organization has offered free surgery to 800,000 children suffering from cleft lips and palates from all over the world. The goal is to hit 1,000,000. What the Smile Train does is make the expensive surgeries available to those needy children who come from families that can’t afford even the basic necessities. “I got involved many years ago because my mother handed me a pamphlet and said, 'You really should read about this,' and I was so impressed with the way that the organization is run and with the incredible, selfless people that are a part of it, and the fact that it is only $250 to fix a child's smile. This surgery takes 45 minutes and it is truly changing these children's lives. It's not just cosmetically fixing them; it's making them whole. It's providing them with a new chance to live a full life.” –reporting by staff of Soap Opera Digest online

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) promoted the Smile Train’s good works in a recent interview with Roger Newcomb’s We Love Soaps, while touching a little on GH (Scott Reeves/Steve Webber’s departure, Lynn Herring/Lucy Coe’s return, “sweet as can be” Teresa Castillo/Sabrina Santiago’s welcome infusion). The Smile Train has been important to the giving actress for quite some time. It’s a charity organization she always uplifts and helps whenever possible, including at her fan events. “It's really easy in the world we live in to make everything all about you. We all get wrapped up in what we're doing day to day and only thinking about our needs, and what we need at that moment,” she said. “Sometimes we need to be woken up and reminded there are children out there not receiving these operations because their families are too embarrassed to take them to the doctor or they just don't have facilities in their country. It's up to us to bring awareness to everyone.”

Erik Valdez (Trey) has only been on GH for a few months and already he’s received notice from the mainstream entertainment world. Valdez, Shenell Edmonds (ex-Destiny, OLTL), Kristoff St. John (Neil, Y&R), Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia, Y&R), Angell Conwell (Leslie, Y&R), and Tatyana Ali (Roxanne, Y&R) received daytime drama acting nominations from the NAACP last week. The NAACP Image Awards airs on NBC February 1, 8 p.m. EST.

Fans who have SOAPnet have a chance to vote for their favorite soap supercouples January 11-16 next year. The top five soap supercouples will be featured in a special February 10th Valentine’s Day Supercouple episodic marathon (7 p.m. ET/PT). In preparation for GH’s 50th anniversary in the spring, SOAPnet is offering this audience participation marathon event. Just go to the SOAPnet Facebookpage and like away from the options: Alan & Monica, Dante & Lulu, Edward & Lila, Frisco & Felicia, Jason & Elizabeth, Jason & Sam, Jax & Brenda, Lucky & Elizabeth, Luke & Laura, Nikolas & Emily, Patrick & Robin, Duke & Anna, Sonny & Brenda, Sonny & Carly, Steve & Audrey and Stone & Robin.  

Gossip for the week of 17-Dec-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Patrick will get closer to Sabrina, but not before Robin returns home. He’ll either leave the show with Robin and Emma, or stay to suffer a triangle with Sabrina and Dr. Britt. My bet is on him leaving the show, as rumored months ago.

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) had to go on Twitter last week to deny rumors of her next exit, right after Scott Reeves (Steve). While she’s sad to see him go — and wouldn’t mind more of her character’s family to come on — the actress tweeted December 13 she’s not leaving: “Thank you so much for all your concern and support, but I have not quit GH, nor have I been let go. :)”

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