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News for the week of 17-Feb-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

William deVry (Julian) spoke with On-Air On-Soaps’ Michael Fairman for a February 7th interview about the usual, character, co-stars, storyline. But it was his fair and generous thoughts about Julian’s homophobic response to having a gay son, Lucas, that endeared him to a new generation of fans. How deVry as a human being felt v. how he had to make his character feel were obviously in play during last week’s coming out. “It would be too easy for Julian to react well to the situation. I think Julian is programmed to go through a journey and learning curve with everything,” deVry said. “So, I think he will have a bit of an issue. I think he is just not familiar with this situation so his instinct is to go, ‘Whew, that’s disgusting and unnatural!’ But then I think eventually, hopefully, he will come around and that his love for his son trumps any prejudice he may have towards the idea of the whole thing. Then I think it would be nice if Julian comes around and understands a bit more and is not so ignorant of the subject, and that will help his relationship with Lucas. That is my hope. But of course, I don’t know what Ron Carlivati (head writer, GH) has planned.”

The gay bit ran a shade too after-school special for a lot of folks looking for the long haul and the long transformation, with trite, PSA verbiage between Lucas coming on too strong and putting words in Julian’s mouth. But viewers nevertheless could still see the struggle weighing heavily in Julian as he openly grappled with the disappointment and the admittedly short learning curve (by the time he reached Alexis and her stern, Get over it!, lecture, he almost turned completely around). That’s deVry’s unique vantage point as an actor, to find those loops. “When I am reading the script, I want to honor what’s there already, but I also want to find an interesting way to honor what’s written in the script… We move so quickly here, obviously. Any moment that you can experience in daytime is gold, because of the pace. We barely finished one scene when we are learning the next scene. We barely finish one day and we have to go home and learn 30 pages of dialog for the next day. You never really experience, for me any way and I can’t speak for Maurice or Maura, but I don’t really experience that method depth of feeling or emotion. I try to be in the moment. So I enjoy it when I am in it. I don’t feel like I am playing cops and robbers. I have some techniques that I make sure that I am actually in that moment. I crack up one minute, and then they go ‘action.’ I am not one of those guys who needs to be crying before I shoot the crying scene, as a matter of fact, I would rather be laughing before shooting a crying scene. I feel laughter brings out emotion anyway. I don’t think you can cry without laughing, and I don’t think you can laugh without crying. I enjoy it. I definitely try to experience what Julian is experiencing, and try to have those objectives that Julian is trying to achieve.”

Natalia Livingston reprises the latest Emily Quartermaine, who was killed in 2007, most likely in amorphous form for Elizabeth.

Gossip for the week of 17-Feb-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Stephen Nichols is set to return as Stefan Cassadine.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reporter AnneMarie LeBlanc stirred the pot with her February 8th rumor, painting soap vets Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), Jane Elliot (Tracy), and Maura West (Ava) in a catty light with the impending debut of Knots Landing TV star Donna Mills toward the end of this month. TPTB feel a mainstream star of Mills’ caliber could only boost GH’s February Sweeps ratings. Grahn, Elliot, and West allegedly feel threatened and insulted by this brand of thinking. LeBlanc referenced the February 17th GLOBE issue for the source of this rumor: “Instead of the female stars getting thanked for the show’s continued success, the producers have hired a big name with Donna in what’s already a crowded field for story lines.” On a deeper level, LeBlanc wrote, the soap vets “are afraid that Donna will be a huge hit with the fans and that will mean that their jobs/air time will be in jeopardy. They know that the TPTB (the powers that be) GH didn’t bring a star of Donna’s caliber on board not to give her a big storyline. As a matter of fact rumor has it she is going to have an integral role. However everyone is tight lipped and not saying much.”

Vanessa Marcil reprises Brenda to join in the Sonny support group when he goes astray with the wrong company.

Sabrina’s mysterious mom is mysterious for a reason, the grand unveiling.

Carly is about to embark on a brand-new journey.

When Britt’s baby drama comes out, it will permanently divide Lulu and Dante.

Scotty catches Ava’s eye, earning Morgan’s wrath.

A.J. didn’t kill Connie. Ava did. The lengths she’ll go to keep a lid on that will astound many. But A.J. doesn’t give up very easily. Wait’ll Sonny hears about this. The return of Connie’s Kelly Sullivan lifted my day. She should never have been let go.

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