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News for the week of 19-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

It’s O.J. all over again, but in Pope’s clothing. Because of the Catholic Church’s pomp and circumstance over a new Pope (Francis/Argentina’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio) March 13 last week, all of GH’s scheduled episodes got pushed back by one day. This means the soap’s 50th anniversary episode will air one day after the actual anniversary date of April 1.

Not sure if this one-day delay will affect SOAPnet’s 50th anniversary marathon. The cable network plans to run a 50-hour marathon of all of GH’s classic episodes March 29, 10 p.m. ET/PT-April 1, 12 a.m. ET/PT (Sunday night through Monday morning). The first episode of GH ever in 1963 starts the marathon rolling, with subsequent episodes representing each decade.

Chris Robinson somehow reprises the role of the murdered-by-Scotty character, Rick Webber, in time for the special, 50th anniversary episode. Don’t ask Robinson, he’s just as surprised as fans and has no idea how the writing team will explain Rick’s death. Without directly throwing the previous, character-destroying regime under the bus, current head writer Ron Carlivati said he wanted to bring Laura’s beloved father back from the unjust murder story as a fan for so long. “I grew up loving Rick and Monica — to me, as a young fan, they were what GH was all about — and I really wanted to find a way to bring Rick back despite his death. I also couldn't imagine Rick would do some of the horrible things he did in his last appearance. That wasn't the Rick Webber I remembered!” Carlivati told TV Guide’s Michael Logan for the March 11th article. The GH fan-turned-head writer figured out a creative way to restore one of his GH legacies, too. “There will be a nice, emotional payoff for the audience.”

Laura Wright (Carly) wanted to change up her hair a few months ago. In October, at an industry event, she asked permission from her bosses, executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati. She even showed them a photo of herself with shorter hair from awhile back for comparison. They had no problem writing it into her ongoing story either. When they did, she said she realized the opportunity to change her mind was gone. During the hair-chopping scene—where Carly used scissors on her hair in anger about Todd’s betrayal—the actress hurt her finger for real. “It was kind of crazy, but fun.” –Michael Fairman, March 14, 2013 interview

Stuart Damon (Alan) returns for GH’s 50th anniversary hoopla, right before the Nurses’ Ball, starting March 29, probably in spirit.

Gossip for the week of 19-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Helena turns out to be behind everything, as Jerry’s boss. She will resurface in the weeks ahead after taking Lulu hostage and brainwashing the young Spencer.

When Robin returns to Patrick, they will ride off into the sunset together with Emma, off the show for good.

Kate will enter therapy (off the show), leaving Sonny alone until Brenda returns to him. Then Sonny and Brenda will ride off into the sunset, off the show too.

Lauren Franco is real and she is blonde.

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