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News for the week of 19-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

When John Ingle (Edward) passed away last summer, he left a huge gap on GH that needed addressing. It’s coming, this Thanksgiving episode, when Edward, the character, passes away too. Head writer Ron Carlivati had a huge selection of former Quartermaine-connected characters to choose from for special returns. He told Soap Opera Digest recently that he couldn’t bring them all back and risk diluting the effectiveness of the current, already established characters. So he chose two — Ned and Skye — who he felt would have the most representative impact. He won’t forget to dwell a little longer on the impact to the two main survivors: Monica and Tracy. Both these women will take Edward’s passing hard, but mourn for slightly different reasons. Tracy and Edward shared longer, more contentious, history; therefore, “the loss of her father will absolutely be an important life moment. … So I think for Tracy, it is going to be very, very difficult for her to accept that this man is gone.” Edward was, in many aspects, a father figure to Monica, who married into the Quartermaine family. She’ll also bear the weight of his passing, perhaps, Carlivati hinted, leading to a reconciliation of sorts with Tracy. “I think, oddly, that this is a place where Monica and Tracy may end up finding some common ground in their love for Edward. And I think that’s a very real thing that people put aside their differences at a time like this.” Let’s not even get into the aftermath, when the mourning clears and clearer heads prevail, eyeing the top prize running the Quartermaine empire.

The choice to reveal Faison posing as Duke and the real Duke in one episode was one head writer Ron Carlivati made carefully, with irate fans in mind. He knew that if he stalled the real Duke reveal for much longer, he might have a riot on his hands. Fans knew from the beginning of Duke’s return that something was fishy. Carlivati pointed to skeptical Luke as the voice of the fans—another move that was done purposefully. While the two Dukes storyline has hardly been the best-kept spoiler, Carlivati tried his best to work within the spoiler-savvy soap community, despite a Twitter feed glitch out of his control. During the East Coast airing of GH that Friday, Carlivati was waiting patiently for fans on Twitter to go crazy at the reveal, only… nothing was happening on his live feed. “Something happened with the Twitter feed where I wasn't getting any new tweets and it came back like 10 minutes after the show had ended and it was fun to go back and see the exploding heads [laughs]. It's exciting [that the truth is finally out there] and we really run with it. It’s a story you won't have to wait for months and months to see unfold. It just goes like gangbusters from today on.” –Soap Opera Digest online, interview by Mara Levinsky, November 12, 2012

Check out Richard M. Simms’ Soaps in Depth interview of Carlivati. It’s on Blog Talk Radio, November 16. Carlivati gets in-depth about the tricky art of spoiling the spoiler-savvy fans online, previews this week’s Edward Quartermaine tribute, and lots more.

Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery) played the clean-up man in 1986, taking care of characters due for the exits. When TPTB asked him back recently, he worried he might have to do it again with a huge GH star. Buchanan even told his BFF Finola Hughes (Anna) about it once his story began in earnest, thusly: “Oh, I just don’t want to kill Steve Burton (ex-Jason).  I just don’t want to kill Jason.” Guess what? Buchanan told Michael Fairman recently that he found it distasteful and creepy not only knocking off one of GH’s heroes, but initially portraying Duke Lavery as a cold-blooded killer. But the payoff in the end is well worth it, he said. “But … there are great reasons the way that story will unfold, and I hope people will be patient a little bit. I know people still like the Duke and Anna dynamic, but there is obviously one heavy shoe that is going to fall, and it’s not a stiletto!” Finola Hughes (Anna) joined in on the November 15th-posted interview with Buchanan to take a trip down memory lane and compare it their interactions on-screen today. The two are BFFs, he’s Uncle Ian to her children, so of course their love scenes have proven uncomfortable to play and explain away. They still have loads of fun together, though, as is evidenced by Hughes remarking on her character’s horrible 1980s fashion sense (the actress is a real-life fashionista). She chided Buchanan for not alerting her to her terrible on-screen choices: “Why didn’t you just say, ‘Finola, you look like a reject from the Warren Jeffs polygamist sect with those blouses? [laughs]’ And, I had the MC Hammer pants on! My shoulders were like linebackers, too! I mean seriously, who sat up in the morning and went, ‘I am going to make my hair look like it’s crispy and have bangs like a cockatiel, and I am going to be wearing the biggest linebacker shoulder pads?’”

GH’s ultimate villain Cesar Faison is back! He scared the living daylights out of Robin, and millions of soap fans November 9 and 12 in the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. Pulling this off took tremendous subterfuge on ABC Daytime’s part and some finessing with proper authorities, including a good, American attorney based in London. Anders Hove isn’t an American citizen, he lives and works in Denmark, and he sorely needed a visa and work permit to make his two-day GH shoot. But it all worked out. Luckily for fans, Hove was subject to today’s working soap conditions, even more faster-paced than he was used to two decades ago. Used to be, it took one day to shoot one show, Hove explained. But now, he got to shoot seven shows in two days, which he found amazing and cool. Selling the return of Faison hiding behind a skin-tight, believable Duke mask proved challenging but right up this actor’s alley. Even he had to acknowledge some holes in the plotline, but made it work. His method, grounding the far-fetched with unshakeable faith. “You must believe, otherwise you go nowhere,” he told TV Guide’s Michael Logan [November 15, 2012 interview]. “The first time I was around, we had some plot about a diamond that was in four pieces and if all the pieces were brought together Faison would have control of all the energy in the world. [Laughs] We also had a space alien named Casey! But we believed wholeheartedly in it. An actor must. There's no way around it. Otherwise it all falls apart.” Anders Hove also credited American soap fans with eagerly tagging along for the faithful journey, a trait he admired so much and appreciated. “The fact that Faison is still alive proves anything is possible. You might think the soap audience would not accept this kind of thing but they do. And they do it with a lot of passion. You only find that kind of audience in America. I've never met it anywhere else. One minute they're angry, then happy, then frustrated. But they're always very faithful.”

Congratulations to the cast and crew of GH for making TV Guide’s “2012 Hot List” issue, thanks in large part to the restoration of the veteran block. Here’s head writer Ron Carlivati’s screen-cap of the mention.

Kentucky’s Union County Public Schools will induct Kassie DePaiva (Blair, GH/OLTL), aka Katherine Virginia Wesley, into its Wall of Fame November 20, 9 a.m., at Union County High School. The induction ceremony, attended by DePaiva and her parents, is open to the public.

Gossip for the week of 19-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Look for Erik Valdez (Trey) to leave GH soon, storyline-dictated. That’s okay. The actor already picked up a gig as Extra’s guest correspondent for last week’s Latin Grammys. His career’s on the rise.

With Sabrina a relation of Juan’s, might the original portrayer — Rebecca Herbst’s (Elizabeth) real-life baby daddy/husband Michael Saucedo show back up again? Maybe.

Right on cue, Rick Hearst (Ric) may already be preparing to reappear.

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