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News for the week of 21-Apr-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Maurice Benard (Sonny) still takes his acting roles very seriously, to the point where he loses himself completely in whatever character and stories he’s put in, whether it’s on GH or his latest movie with producer and wife Paula. For about a month into the making of The Ghost And The Whale, Benard said he wasn’t “an easy person to be around.” He plays a dark character accused of murdering his beloved wife out at sea by his wife’s family. Ron Hale (ex-Mike) is in this movie too, playing Father Reinhart. “I have to give my family a lot credit because after filming a movie like this, you become a part of the character. And in this case, he was a dark character,” Benard explained. “For a solid month I was not an easy person to be around. Lucky for me, I have the greatest family a man can ask for.” Benard’s so proud of his wife Paula for this production, her first. He sees them doing a lot more films, maybe even one where he gets to really throw down as a mob badass. “Maybe I'll shave my head, grow out a goatee, and just be a total tough guy. You know what I mean?” ShareTV interview by Blake Mitchell, April 17, 2014

Whatever the role Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) takes on, he always manages to find something interesting to play. That’s because Samuel tries to find something of himself in every role that comes his way, whether it’s playing a gossiping busybody on GH or an ex-flame trying to help figure out a string of robberies in his latest buddy-cop comedy flick, Hot Guys With Guns — making the film festival circuit and out on video, May 6. His reasoning is very clear, very pragmatic, and very reasonable: “Every character I have ever played has something that resonates with who I am as a person, otherwise you are not very interested in it,” Samuel told’s Hollie Deese in an April 14th interview. “I would even go further and say that most characters who are in film, the only reason that we as viewers can relate or enjoy who they are is because there is some semblance in their personality of who we are. And that is for everyone. But when I choose roles it is also because I can see a lot of things that are similar in me in terms of the stuff going on inside of them.”

Samuel also gravitates towards the underdogs and the misfits, people who tend to get overlooked. He identifies with them, but he said he also finds he naturally roots for them. He sees good things for GH’s Felix (wait’ll you guys see his act at the Nurses’ Ball!), remarking on the evolution of this busybody into a genuine, caring friend.

Gossip for the week of 21-Apr-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Who is this next screen test for? The character who is in her 20s-30s, “… [b]eautiful, passionate, dynamic. Originally from Mexico, she has come to Port Charles to pursue a career in medicine” begins taping next month, recurring with a possibility of a contract. Sources say this isn’t a Sabrina recast. released April 15 the rumor that Maurice Benard (Sonny) wants to take six months off.

There’s talk of a Jason recast, for both the Quartermaine and the Morgan. Meaning, this recast may get to play — if this rumor pans out — Jason remembering his roots.

Sonny and Ava may have to become husband and wife to protect each other from the law — only after he figures out that she, not A.J., gunned down his beloved Connie/Kate. Despite how much he hates Ava for this, he eventually comes around, falling head over heels?

Is Bill Eckert really alive and pretending to be Luke Spencer? If so, maybe Bill and Julia Barrett, Brenda’s half-sister, are working in secret to defeat Sonny Corinthos. The storyline turn could usher Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett) back to kick some ass.

Ned goes to Alexis about his theory regarding this Luke imposter. Alexis starts to tie Luke and Julian together. Ned next brings Jenny Eckert and, by association, Paul Hornsby, into this mess.

Molly’s the first person to ask if T.J.’s mom Jordan’s into running drug cartels or something. He doesn’t like her saying this.

Is it me or does Nathan come alive only around Maxie?

Stay tuned for the possibility of Stefan popping back up, and getting found at the infamous Swiss clinic. Maybe.

Nobody really dies in soaps, least of all babies. Nina’s could be in hiding and related to a Kailey Cassadine whom Spencer befriends. I’m confused.

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