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News for the week of 22-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Prospect Park and Walt Disney Co./ABC haven’t been able to work out a mutually agreeable system of co-existence after months of haggling. The result is a lengthy, exacting, $25-million lawsuit, which was filed by Prospect Park against Disney/ABC at the L.A. Superior Court last Thursday for breach of contract. Prospect Park is asking for a jury trial.

The lawsuit verbiage goes so far as to accuse ABC of sabotage. “Regardless of how successful Prospect may be, the fact remains that ABC did not deliver what it promised, Prospect did not get what it paid for, and Prospect is now entitled to recover millions of dollars in damages for ABC’s egregious conduct,” read the suit.

The problem mainly came to a head when neither party could arrive at a consensus on what to do about several of OLTL’s licensed characters, on loan temporarily to GH for the cross-overs. According to Prospect Park’s lawsuit, ABC was supposed to give these characters back for the online OLTL launch. Everything came to a head, supposedly, when ABC planned to bring back Starr’s Kristen Alderson, Todd’s Roger Howarth, and John’s Michael Easton to GH starting May 10, reportedly as new characters. Not good enough for Prospect Park.

According to an April 18th Deadline report by Nellie Andreeva and Dominic Patten, ABC made returning to OLTL tougher for the cross-over actors by offering some of them long-term contracts (gainful employment). “The suit says that, despite having the characters on a temporary basis, ABC signed the actors playing them in long-term deals, making their return to OLTL difficult and ‘effectively removing any incentive for them to do so.’ (Howarth recently made a short-term deal with Prospect Park to do a stint on OLTL before returning to GH.)”

Furthermore, according to the lawsuit, Prospect Park was supposed to be consulted on how ABC wrote the borrowed OLTL characters based on their agreement. Alas, ABC “for over a year” did not honor that part of the agreement, the suit continued.

Apparently, ABC not only killed off OLTL’s Hope and Cole, but destroyed Tomas so completely on GH — hinting that he could be Lorenzo Alcazar in hiding — that it’d be tough for Prospect Park to revive him for fans, the suit alleges. And Tomas wasn’t even among the seven, borrowed, licensed OLTL characters in question.

If that weren’t bad enough, Prospect Park’s lawsuit claims ABC wouldn’t let go of OLTL and AMC URLs ( and for use, also based on the licensing agreement. “These URLs are not only critical to establishing public awareness for the re-launch, but they are part of the rights paid for by Prospect. The lawsuit also claims that ABC recently threatened not to air ads for OLTL because they feature an actor who is now playing a new role on GH. Prospect Park claims that it made ‘repeated overtures’ to ABC to ‘resolve these issues amicably,’ which were rebuffed by the network.”

ABC reps would not comment on the lawsuit’s allegations.

Kirsten Storms (Maxie) tried to make sense of her jumbled feelings regarding the incoming and outgoing Lulus in an April 18th interview with Daytime Confidential’s Regan Cellura. She’s doesn’t begrudge Emme Rylan as the recast Lulu; she just missed the original, Julie Marie Berman, who became her close friend on and off the set. “Jane Elliot [Tracy] said it perfectly when I was talking to her about Julie leaving, it’s not that I miss her as Lulu; it’s just painful that she won’t be there for me at work. My work life is around hanging out with her for the most part, getting into trouble, doing those sorts of things with Julie.” Maybe a returning Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL) can heal some of that pain.

Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) knows how blessed she is to land a prime role on ABC Daytime’s remaining soap. She never takes this opportunity for granted. Daytime Confidential’s Regan Cellura confirmed this actress is as nice in her soap role as she is in person in an April 15th interview. Castillo also gets along with the cast and has had loads of fun with each and every one of them. The actors playing Felix and Elizabeth are especially dear to her. “We have a lot of fun together off-set too. I feel that relationship really comes thorough.”

Marc Samuel (Felix) is also very much his character off-screen, as Regan Cellura of Daytime Confidential found out for her April 15th interview. He told Cellura that he enjoys making his lines his own. “I gotta tell you, it’s awesome. You’re allowed to say what you want. Well, what’s written, but the way you want to… You know what I mean?”

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and his fans are waiting for word on the renewal of The Lying Game. He believes it’s a matter of time. In any event, he’s working on doing both shows. Sounds like Cartini won him over; he’s noticed a difference from last time. “I think it’s what General Hospital needed. Not that there was anything wrong before, it’s just something that’s been around for as long as it has been, sometimes just a fresh start is all you really need to keep morale up. It’s clearly reflecting in the audience, in our ratings and people are loving that we’re getting back to our roots, especially around this time, the 50th anniversary. You’re seeing all the old faces back and I think that’s what they’ve been yearning for.” –Daytime Confidential, April 18, 2013 interview by Regan Cellura

This week, Johnny tries to warn Carly about trouble involving Morgan. Her youngest son will return with a different, older actor in Bryan Craig (Bucket And Skinner’s Epic Adventures, The Nine Lives of Chloe King).

Gossip for the week of 22-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Starting May 10, three of the most popular OLTL actors will come back to GH but in different, new roles — to ostensibly accommodate Prospect Park’s licensing agreement with ABC. (We know how well that turned out.) The guesses are on as to who Michael Easton (John), Roger Howarth (Todd), and Kristen Alderson (Starr) will play next. At Daytime Dish (April 18), they’re saying Alderson will surface as Scotty’s daughter, Serena, and already filmed some scenes with Kin Shriner, where she feuds with him over marrying Laura… Easton’s going to be the twin of serial killer Steven Clay/Caleb Morley — or maybe Robert Scorpio’s long-lost son… and Howarth will be the long-lost son of Tony Cassadine and Alexandria Quartermaine, Alexander — or, if you believe another DD post, Franklyn (no wonder Heather had a soft spot for Todd).

Everybody assumed Kimberly McCullough (Robin) would naturally return to GH for the Nurses’ Ball in a stunning announcement or appearance. Try again. According to another source (GOS) over at Daytime Dish, McCullough’s scheduled for a summer shoot of 40 shows, which will air September-November.

Look for the humanizing of Dr. Britt, as Patrick and Olivia both feel compassion for her single-mother struggle.

The canonization of Sabrina reaches ridiculous heights, if the online rumor-mongers are to be believed. A Pulitzer for her work on the Nurses’ Ball revival? Sean Donnelly’s long-lost daughter?

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