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News for the week of 23-Dec-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Parry Shen (Brad) takes the good with the bad as GH’s resident douchebag. At last summer’s GH Fan Club Weekend, it seemed all bad when his appearance was met with loud BOOs. But he takes those BOOs in stride, because he’s also noticed a lot more fans loving to hate Brad and appreciating the douchebag’s graphic humor. “I’ve been reading everything — the good and the bad — about how inappropriate he is and… what I really was surprised about was some people are picking up on the humor that I’m trying to inject,” Shen said to Soap Opera Network’s Kambra Clifford in a December 17th interview. “I was really happy about that, because I wasn’t sure if that was going over people’s heads or if they were having a knee-jerk reaction, like, ‘This guy is such a douche!’” The New York actor is also happy about having the opportunity to tap into a character that’s nothing like him. For an actor, that’s Disneyland.

Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey, Grey’s Anatomy) appears January 28 as a guest star on GH. Wilson is a big GH fan, having kept up with her stories for 35 years. She’ll play one of Kevin’s psychiatric patients.

Kristina Wagner (Felicia) visited her ex-husband Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco) in the hospital after he recovered from diverticulitis-related surgery (doctors removed a part of his colon). Here’s a December 18th Twit-Pic.

Ryan Paevey (Birds Of A Feather, The Girl With The Gloves) is the latest hottie to join GH. He will play Det. Nathan West, that sexy stranger several PC ladies will find intriguing. Paevey is an actor and model, and now he’s a contract player set to debut December 30/31. By hottie, I mean drop ya drawers HOT.

Gossip for the week of 23-Dec-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Soap journalist Cody Murphy of Weekdays With Murph wished Emily Wilson (Ellie) had her own montage too during last week’s goodbye scenes. In his December 16th recap, “Goodbye is the hardest word,” Murphy wrote: “I know she hasn't been on the show as long as Bradford, but where is the Emily Wilson montage? They had some good stuff as well, like those scenes during Ellie's paralysis. I'll be the first to admit, I'm a Spelli fan, so for me, letting Emily Wilson go without so much as one little flashback felt, to me, like a slap in the face to Emily, but, it is what it is and we can't change it.” There’s a good reason Murphy’s so enamored of actress Wilson. Check out his interview with her three months ago. A lot of actors put up walls and masks. Not her. She really opened up and allowed herself to be vulnerable.

Another astute note from Murphy’s December 16th blog recap: Where were the Santa and his Elf scenes at GH, featuring Felix and Brad? That would’ve gone a long way toward helping viewers understand the dynamics of both characters; certainly earning Parry Shen’s Brad brownie points. “I wish we could've actually seen would've been hilarious to see Brad interacting with all those kids.” Shen—a master at playing an endearing pain in the ass—and Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix)—both heroic and diva—deserve their own spinoff.

When Gossip Gypsy released December 14 the rumor of Vincent Irizarry (ex-David, AMC; ex-Lujack, GL) taking over the role Matt Borlenghi (ex-Brian, AMC) was supposed to have — that of Valentin Cassadine — controversy erupted: “We should add that TBTB, under no circumstances, wanted the news of Irizarry joining GH to leak this early. Even some of the biggest soap reporters aren’t aware. Some will even go ahead and deny it until they’re blue in the faces (actors included.) But mark my words, it is happening, and when it’s confirmed? We’ll be able to say, ‘Told you so.’” Borlenghi took issue with the rumor, tweeting that it hurt his feelings (“Anyone care to comment on recasting me as Valentin Cassadine? Wasn't enough that I got Franco'd before? Hurts”), prompting GH head writer Ron Carlivati to tweet this in reassurance: “It's a false rumor, Matt. No reason to be hurt or upset.” Valentin Cassadine was supposed to debut sometime in 2009 but nothing came of it. Rumors claimed TPTB shelved that option, perhaps for later. Actors and their fragile f*cking egos.

Nathan Parsons may very well return as Luke and Holly’s son Ethan, to help address the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Laura and Lucky — Helena’s revenge in action.

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