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News for the week of 23-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

It’s not that Steve Burton (Jason) has a serious issue with the new regime about the handling of his current storyline. But he would’ve preferred a break from the constant divisive stress thrown at his and Kelly Monaco’s (Sam) characters, especially with their baby on the way. “Let them be a family. We have been going so long to get to this point to have it ripped out,” he told Michael Fairman [July 17, 2012]. “And for me, I did not want to have to play: divorce, dead baby, cheating on me, cheating on you. It’s drama, but that is what we do! That is what you got to do if you are on a soap.”

Executive producer Frank Valentini clued Jason Thompson (Patrick) in early on to his character’s new drug-addiction storyline. Collectively, they were able to make Patrick’s addiction to Adderall realistic, from the slow-build to the harrowing breakdown. Ever the conscientious actor, Thompson — armed only with info beforehand that it was a drug but not what kind of drug – played it subtle, as a widow who seemingly recovered at lightning-fast speed. Not telling the audience what was going on, but showing it, meant all the difference. “I made a point to know when I would be taking them and when they would be wearing off,” Thompson explained to Michael Fairman [July 16, 2012]. “Then slowly [Patrick] gets more hooked on the drugs and then that is where it kind of hit, that it became too much and things began to fall apart for [him].

“A lot of people were saying, ‘Well, I don’t understand how he could be all fine after that?’ And I did not want to say anything about it, because I was glad people were reacting that way, as that was part of it. Part of it was being on the drugs and getting out of bed and getting through the day with an energy that Patrick hasn’t had in a very long time. It wasn’t being written in, so I could just play in my own kind of way.”

Kimberly McCullough (Robin) returned briefly to the show to film the scene where Patrick thinks he sees her on the Haunted Star. Because she — and Finola Hughes (Anna) — were due to go to Europe on vacation, the show had to film around that. This meant Thompson had to relive seeing Robin’s visage a month later in scenes with Julie Marie Berman (Lulu), which proved a little challenging. The guy misses his buddy McCullough so much. He credited Berman for helping anchor him when he felt adrift. Berman and McCullough are a little similar that way. “You are in a scene with [Berman] and I know that there are moments that I need to reconnect, and I know if I just look at her I get it back. I know that. If I am in a scene and I have to look at her in the eyes, boom! I am connected back instantly. And that is a wonderful trait to have in an acting partner. I had that with Kimberly McCullough for so long, because I knew she was there. Once Kimberly was on the set, she was there. Julie is the same way. She cares about it, and working with Julie more would be great!”

Losing Robin hit Thompson just as hard as it did his character, Patrick. The actor felt incredibly responsible for maintaining a level of quality, integrity, and respect in the post-death scenes. He said he got into character 30 minutes before he even arrived to the studio to shoot. Sometimes he wasn’t sure he gave the story the justice it deserved, but he did try. Right now, he thought going it alone without Robin was the best course, to really play up Patrick’s story of trying to move on. That way, he added, when/if Robin comes back from the dead, she can really blow his mind and have even more awesome acting material to play off of.

GH’s casting department currently needs the right young actor to play a recurring character in his mid-teens, around Molly’s age, preferably black, good-looking, brash, but soft-hearted inside—to start taping this month.

The GH casting department has been auditioning young, teenaged-looking, black actors to replace TJ, since portrayer Krys Meyer found another acting job. This was confirmed a few days after rumors of a recast surfaced. Daytime Confidential, July 20, 2012

Looks like it’s true. Kirsten Storms (original Maxie) will take back her rightful place on GH soon, leaving Jen Lilley (recast Maxie) high and dry. Lilley posted a video message for her devoted soap fans. Tears were involved. I hear she also received a standing O at the recent GH Fan Club Weekend luncheon.

Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie) didn’t worry for long about her DID storyline, because the new regime (fresh from doing a similar one over at OLTL) were experienced in telling this sort of complicated tale through Victoria Lord. In a recent SoapTown USA interview by Dawn, Sullivan said she went through the painstaking process of differentiating the two personalities (so far!) as two real-feeling people. With alter Connie, Sullivan veered away from going the easier villainous route. “I really wanted to find her sense of humor and that, to me, as soon as I found that, I was able to take it to the next place. I really wanted to not make Connie simply evil,” but coming from a place where her questionable actions made sense. As far as Sullivan knows, Connie is the alter, though, not Kate as rumored by many watching.

Gossip for the week of 23-Jul-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Jason ends his marriage by making love to Elizabeth in September. The same goes for Sam with McBain. Jason and Sam will not have to suffer without their baby for long, once Anna informs Jason what happened. Todd will also come clean. OLTL’s Téa must give back the baby she thought was hers. But then the fallout from this misunderstanding results in Sam and McBain, and Elizabeth and Jason feeling torn up.

Anna also interrogates Jason to get to the bottom of Heather’s bombshell, that Robin maybe didn’t die. Anna might very well find herself investigating a severe case of mind control with victims Robin, OLTL’s Victor, and Johnny, and the co-conspirators/perpetrators Heather, Ewen, Helena, Grant Putnam, Jerry Jacks, OLTL’s Irene Manning and Allison Perkins. Robin’s being kept hostage because she stumbled upon this mind control plot. Seems Ewen and his team have been performing human experiments in Ferncliff, using mind control methods. If Johnny was one of those victims, this could be why he shot Anthony without a second thought. Johnny won’t have much more time left anyway. Sonny will find out everything and successfully perform a hit on his arch-enemy. OLTL’s Todd and Blair will end, as she marries Tomas. Todd will then turn to Carly who will have abandoned Johnny once his truth comes out. A certain character will seem to come to Patrick’s aid, but this person’s (Ewen?) got an ulterior motive—to prevent him from finding out Robin’s been kidnapped. Something might happen to Elizabeth (nothing Jason-related) if she’s not careful.

Before Ewen and Elizabeth enjoy their coupledom, Lucky comes back. Well, someone important to Elizabeth does.

Kate will suffer total recall the night of her alleged rape by Joe Jr. Maybe it wasn’t rape at all but a case of DID.

Lulu will get knocked up, prompting Laura to come back to help her daughter by the spring of next year. Laura won’t bother if GH survives cancellation by then.

Hip-hip-hooray! The ill-advised Mob Princess gets canceled. Trey gives it up for Kristina, so he can help his father on the down-low. But doing this make him feel horrible. Maybe it’s not Lulu who gets knocked up but Krissy.

According to Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), John Ingle (Edward) is dealing with some serious health problems. It’s why he hasn’t been able to do GH, as scheduled. Pray.

There is going to be huge story for September, to align with a change in timeslots, including Todd and Carly, Johnny’s death, and who Heather’s in cahoots with that affects everybody else in town, notably Robin.

All above spumors are c/o SoapZone’s GH message board “reporters” posting from bits and pieces online.

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