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News for the week of 23-Sep-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) is finally getting into her groove as a new soap actress. Her story’s heating up with Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), and so’s her love life with Bryan Craig (Morgan). She’s in a good place. In a September 17th interview with Michael Fairman, Thiebaud addressed several points, from the direction of her storyline — she likes where her romance with Nikolas is going and wants to hold onto the influence of the newborn — and some complications — mom’s interference! Will Britt and Sabrina settle into frenemy territory? — to her blossoming personal life the day she and Craig’s paths crossed purely at random.

Thiebaud and Craig’s real-life paths were all that crossed, since they don’t share a storyline. But that’s all it took for the two to take off — they’ve already been to Hawaii together and shared kisses under a waterfall. When she first laid eyes on him after work at the studio parking lot, she wasn’t gung-ho to pursue romance. “Well, I said, ‘Wait a second, we will see.’ (Laughs) And then coincidentally, we ended up at the same place one night just by chance and had a really good time. Then, things went from there.” Despite her initial hesitance, Thiebaud discovered a genuine human being in Craig, as their friendship deepened into something more. “It’s just really, really nice, especially when you work in this industry and you work in Hollywood, it’s hard to meet genuine people who are just real. He is so much more than what he is aesthetically. His personality is awesome, and he is a really good person and he makes me happy.”

Thiebaud’s groove with the storyline also provides much happiness. Even she had to admit she’s getting there, and her character’s becoming more than just a villain with the birth of a baby and the introduction of a prince. “I don’t know if I am just getting used to how things work on a soap, but over the last couple of weeks with the material I have been given I have really been able to access it easily, and get there emotionally and understand it,” Thiebaud marveled. “I put myself into this situation, and thankfully the outcome has been good. I have been really proud of myself for what I have done, and extremely thankful for every one else being appreciative, and thankful for where the character has gone, and what I have done as an actress. In soaps things get presented to you not that far in advance before you shoot them, so things can be a shock to me as they are to the fans. It’s all been really exciting! And, so exciting to see what happens with Britt, and Britt and Nikolas, and that has been a huge blessing for me as an actress to get to work with Tyler Christopher (Nikolas). I am loving us together.”

Philadelphia native Kristen Alderson (Kiki; ex-Starr) proved she’s a real Eagles fan and not for show in a September 16th “Celebrity Corner” for the team’s site. When she moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to film in L.A., one of the first priorities was to figure out how to continue her fanship from across the continent. She lucked onto Santa Monica’s the Shack, where she and her family go to cheer their team on with other like-minded fans. Since the Shack’s basically a bar, Alderson’s underage brother Eddie couldn’t join in, so they figured out a way to cheer on their team from the comfort of her boyfriend Chad Duell’s (Michael) living room with his big-screen TV. She’s not just a big football talker either. She knows not only her game but her Eagles, rattling off names, stats, and predictions like a sports pro: “Watching the first game of the season against Washington was so exciting! Almost all of the analysts thought Washington would win. Our new offense, under Chip Kelly, showed them they were clearly mistaken. We looked awake, and FAST. The second half, the Eagles lost their energy a bit (understandably so) ... but it’s nothing they can’t work on. I’m REALLY enjoying Chip Kelly. When the team is doing well, you see him having a good time, smiling. Nothing against Andy Reid, because we all loved him, but even when we were winning, he never smiled or showed emotion! Chip has a lot of emotion and it seems the team is starting to play that way, too. I’m super excited for this season. I think we’re going to show the rest of the league that we’re back in business.”

Guess the Daytime Dish rumors about T.J.’s teen story with Molly, Rafe, and Taylor were out of bounds. T.J.’s portrayer, Tequan Richmond (Everybody Hates Chris), went on the record about the teen story heating back up while promoting his new movie called Blue Caprice, about the 2002 Beltway sniper and how he got to this violent point. It made a splash at Sundance last January and is slated to make another one in the box office. Smashing Interviews’ Melissa Parker got to interview the hot 21-year-old actor September 16th all about it. Richmond portrays Lee Boyd Malvo, half of the father/son sniper duo in the film released September 13. Richmond almost didn’t make the film, very nearly taking a pass. But once he was in, he was all in, doing research and the like. Richmond found the jump from comedy, playing Drew Rock, to playing a serial killer quite jarring. “That’s what I’m known for, so for somebody to believe in me to do something like this was a big leap. I didn’t really have much proof to show that I could play a character like that, so that was definitely a big role for me and a big risk for me to take. I think it turned out well.”

Another leap has been jumping into a soap opera love triangle. What’s made the transition from primetime TV to soaps easier to bear has been the guidance of co-star Haley Pullos (Molly). The faster pace, the increased scene loads, the lack of rehearsal time… it all went to Richmond’s head. Pullos came in and really helped him through the initiation phase. She “was my little angel. She got me through everything and told me how things worked. I didn’t even know the different ways you could get coffee. They have an intercom in your room that yells out numbers, and basically you just have to listen for your numbers. If you miss your numbers, you are in trouble!”

Working with soap actors really tested Richmond’s ability and raised his respect level. Once he figured out the learning curve, the dividends have been tremendous. He’s ready for anything now. “People can say what they want to say about soap actors, but I feel they’re the best in the game as far as the actual acting goes because nobody is more trained or more on time. Nobody is ‘on’ like a soap actor…. We have way more scenes to do, way more dialogue and one take. It’s just like a boot camp. It’s basically an actor’s boot camp. If you can do that, you can do anything like film or other television shows. All that stuff is a piece of cake.”

It’s amazing how far Tequan Richmond’s come for one so young. He didn’t even get into acting as his first love, jobs just fell into his lap; his mom’s the acting enthusiast, for him, it was “just a hobby of mine…. It took off into something that I just couldn’t not do, if you understand. They’re like, ‘Hey, you just booked eight jobs in a row. I don’t think this is something you should just quit.’ I said, ‘I think you’re right.’” For Richmond, music’s his first love, and he intends to delve more into that, performing and producing.

Look for Richmond to revisit the T.J./Molly/Taylor/Rafe story, as it reheats up. The writers will give more story to T.J. and Shawn’s relationship, he added.

After waiting so long and in vain for Guza & Co. to do something with the vets, Denise Alexander (Lesley) was heartened to find herself among them in major stories, coinciding with the soap’s 50th anniversary and return of the Nurses’ Ball. She couldn’t believe her scripts. It felt like the old days where they all felt so nourished and cherished. “It was so rich and so full and so layered, and so much attention was paid to who the characters were, and their relationships, even honoring qualities that the character had which had been ignored or not part of the storytelling forever and ever. I felt honored and so grateful,” gushed Alexander. “…It was scary, delightful, enchanting, and I had the best time because they brought back a quality of that character that had been there 12 years ago but that nobody remembered or needed or thought about for so long. I didn't even realize what a big deal it was until I got there and was doing it. Then I got to work with the people I loved working with. That I not only had a story but had this character back in the mostly deep richly satisfying way for me was such a gift.” Credit goes to the current regime, especially executive producer Frank Valentini. When he came over to her in her first days back to give her some validating notes, Alexander practically swooned at his charm, handsomeness, natural rapport with and appreciation of actors. It’s kind of similar to Gloria Monty’s, back when she was in charge and favored actors she thought were good. –We Love Soaps, September 19, 2013 interview, Part 1 of 2 by Roger Newcomb

Jason Connery is Sean Connery’s (James Bond) son. He will show up on October 2 then the first week of November as Sebastian, an art dealer for Franco.

Cody Murphy’s on a roll. He lined up two major soap interviews recently on Weekdays With Murph-Blog Talk Radio. The first one, with Emily Wilson (Ellie) again, is up. And he’s going to interview Tommy Garrett of Highlight Hollywood for this Tuesday. Highlight Hollywood is a major celebrity news site that everyone else copies, whether they wanna admit it or not. Garrett was the first to break the news of head writer Josh Griffith leaving Y&R and all the drama surrounding that.

Gossip for the week of 23-Sep-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

What’s going on with Lucy and Laura at Deception? Maybe the story’s been dropped. Genie Francis (Laura) might have asked to play a little less than frontburner lately. Put this in the file for Stories that have to be revised or forgotten.

SoapTown USA’s Loose Lips asked in her September 15th update if Silas is connected to the mob somehow and that’s what makes him dangerous.

Still hearing via Daytime Dish sources that Sean Kanan (A.J.) is most definitely out.

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