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News for the week of 24-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Hallelujah! Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) signed a contract with GH. Go on Twitter and give him some love. Check out Christopher’s latest events, too. He’s including a tutorial on ordering nutritionally at restaurants and staying fit. He’s a licensed nutritionist involved in a personal training and nutrition consulting programGreenprint — with his wife Brienne, which explains his trimmer physique.

Wanna win something cool, be famous, and help Laura Wright (Carly) and her husband out with their Standing Sun’s new TV show, Appetite For Life? They’re currently accepting logo submissions, something with A4L in it, appropriate for a wine bottle, and versatile enough to use as a fade in the show. Appetite For Life is going to be a lifestyle web series. The graphic design winner receives $350 cash and major social media mention. Submissions are due by June 26. Check out Design A Logo For Endorphin Entertainment for contest details.

Gossip for the week of 24-Jun-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Kirsten Storms (Maxie) may fly the coop, with Kelly Sullivan (Kate) following suit.

For those complaining about the death of Luke and Laura, fear not. They’re the GH end game after all, according to Loose Lips of SoapTown USA (June 16, 2013). Well, after a storyline distraction and a Scotty/Tracy rigmarole. Based on Loose Lips’ insider knowledge, “Apparently when Francis returned she was thrilled to be back but as time went on her storyline drifted. Geary is due for his three-month vacation going into a storyline coma to make sense of his absence and in the meantime Laura will pair up with Lucy Coe and rejuvenate Deception. Nikolas will front the money to re-start the company. As the story goes, Geary requested he do one last hooray with Jane Elliot before they go in the LL direction, but not before Scotty and Tracy have something to say about it. And if sources are correct we just may see Tracy and Scotty pairing up.”

Loose Lips also wrote that Alexis might’ve had a dalliance with a Jerome, of the Jerome mob, which spawned Sam. All this could come out in the eventual Who’s the Daddy? story featuring Sam. Even juicier, somehow Stephen Nichols (ex-Stefan) could play a role in this, based on the latest rumor.

For anyone who cares, Dr. Silas sticks around to help Sam navigate a radical leukemia protocol for baby Danny. In the interim, viewers will learn more about why this doctor is such a cold fish (“…his own son died years ago”).

The rest of it: “What if Carly and AJ married for convenience? What if Lulu really gets pregnant? What if Jason is alive?”

Jax and Brenda may return to finish up their story.

Nelson Branco tweeted that OLTL’s three major players will make a return this week, i.e., “@nelliebranco: Next week, Prospect Park will allow the Llanview 3 back on GH. Stay the course, peeps! #brokenpromises” Psyche!

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