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News for the week of 24-Sep-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

“None of us know what tomorrow holds, but today we will hang onto the memory of August 24th and the love and support that was shown for our Dad,” tweeted daughter Natalia/@natporte not too long before her dad, John Ingle (Edward), passed away at age 84 September 16. On August 24th, GH executives fulfilled Ingle’s fondest wish, to return to his beloved soap for one more appearance. When he did—with help from several people—his health was frail but his will was strong. He completed his scenes in short order and basked in the warmth of cast and crew, even a standing ovation. Those scenes aired the other week, featuring his character with Tracy, Emma, and Patrick, as Edward insisted the only vial of serum be given to Patrick and Robin’s little girl. Not a dry eye in the house. It was a fitting last appearance for a humanitarian, actor, and educator who touched so many lives on and off soaps.

After weeks of rumors, Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.; Deacon, B&B/Y&R) confirmed that he was asked back to the soap he started on back in the 1990s (before having to leave due reportedly to alcohol abuse). “This is all pretty surreal and utterly unexpected — in fact, I thought it was going to take an Act of Congress to get me back on GH! GH is one of those places I never thought I'd see again and that makes what's happened even more exciting. My life has changed completely since those days. I'm newly married and have a baby on the way. I also have an 11-year-old daughter and four stepchildren. I'm not the guy I used to be. [TV Guide interview with Michael Logan, September 17, 2012]” Kanan will first appear on GH October 29. It’s a long-term contract. But he may not reprise his role as A.J. TPTB are intentionally keeping the appearance a mystery.

A lot of people took Ingo Rademacher’s (Jax) January tweet – “It seems like the new show should be called, ‘One Hospital To Kill’ Oops too late … I tweeted that. I’ll take the blame. Just kidding J Not” – the wrong way. At least, that’s what Rademacher was trying to perpetrate in a recent Soap Opera Digest. The tweet wasn’t necessarily a slam on the then-incoming OLTL regime or some of the OLTL cast crossing over, as it was a commentary on the cancellation atmosphere in general by the network. “It was more of a go at the network because they were killing everything,” the actor explained. “I was sitting there one day thinking, this would be appropriate for what they’re doing. That’s what it seemed like. Now they did a lot of firing. It was way overdue for a change there. So my new name now for the show is ONE HOSPITAL YOU CAN’T KILL. I think they’re realizing that those talk shows and cooking shows and stuff, it’s just too many of them right now. You had The Revolution and The Chew and they’re both the same almost.”

Chad Duell (Michael) and his girlfriend Taylor Navack got hitched September 15, having made Cave Creek, AZ their destination wedding.

Drew Cheetwood (Milo) and his wife Jenna were overjoyed to find out that they would become first-time parents. Their baby (a girl) is due February 27.

Erik Valdez (Trey) and Lindsey Morgan (Kristina) will make a joint public appearance for fans in both Chicago, October 13, and Detroit, October 14, 4 p.m.-6 p.m., c/o Elite Fan Events. They’ll join other GH stars scheduled for different appearance times, including Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie), Kelly Sullivan (Kate), and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia). The Chicago venue is at JW Marriott Hotel on 151 West Adams Street. In Detroit, they’ll hit the stage at the Marriott on 200 W. Big Beaver Road.

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) makes pizza in her home! Watch her do it on The Chew in a four-part special series this week, starting September 24. Finola Hughes (Anna), Ingo Rademacher (Jax), and the lovely Erik Valdez (Trey) are also featured.

Gossip for the week of 24-Sep-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Connie’s stupid scheme is to hook Johnny as her unwilling new husband first before pretending to be Kate, Sonny’s blushing bride, according to a Daytime Dish insider (Post #1034).

Depending on the soap media source, Sean Kanan will either reprise A.J., thus screwing over the last recast—Billy Warlock—or, he will take over where Steve Burton last leaves off as Jason.

In Trixie’s Dirty Laundry, circa September 14th edition, she contended that head writer Ron Carlivati might be writing an exit story for Steve Burton (Jason) with a re-entry clause. Burton’s departure has stalled many plans for other stories, including the wrap-up to Robin’s kidnapping. Reiterating the “librarian” hint left by RavenBeauty several weeks ago, Trixie also stipulated a strong possibility of Lucy Coe returning to replace Kate at Crimson when the fashionista goes bonkers and goes to the funny farm.

Jerry verDorn (ex-Clint, OLTL) might cross over to GH soon, based on a recent Soap Opera Digest drop about the actor meeting with executive producer Frank Valentini, formerly from OLTL.

According to Trixie’s September 21st Dirty Laundry, Sean Kanan is most likely coming back to reprise his GH role as A.J., not as the Jason recast. Trixie also asserted that originally Scott Baldwin was selected as the mastermind of Heather/Susan Moore, head writer Ron Carlivati’s had to revise to connect Heather to Franco, and that A.J. is the real boss in charge of the baby switch deal. Not only that, but A.J. may romance…Elizabeth!

TPTB may or may not be trying to get the original Emily, actress Amber Tamblyn, back on the show, along with Stuart Damon’s Alan, for the eventual reveal that these two Quartermaines never died but have been kept hidden, ala Robin.

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