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News for the week of 26-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) and Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) cleared up their veteran, on-screen GH relationship: there’s a definite connection, always will be, but they left the door very much open for Duke as the love of Anna’s life. Rogers told Michael Fairman in a November 20, 2012-updated joint interview that Robert was never put in a triangle with Duke and Anna, ever; he was protective of Anna as the mother of his child, a fellow operative, and friend, but not the jealous suitor. The same holds true now.

When Robert returned, he took Tony Geary’s (Luke) place as the voice of reason and the investigator into Duke Lavery’s sketchy story. “Robert is dancing on the dark side here.  The reason for that is all the original scenes that you see were all written for Luke, but Tony Geary (Luke) was unavailable to do them.  So they took ‘Luke’ off the script and wrote ‘Robert.’ And along the way, there is a style and methodology that he goes about, which is not Robert.” Except for the meddling, over-protective Robert, Hughes inserted.

Hughes is happy just to be there, acting opposite her long-time friends. It’s like a muscle that gets reactivated. While there were times she approached the voluminous, often “convoluted” scenes with some trepidation (wanting to do it right for fans), she also knew to relax and slip back into the familiar routine with acting partners who had her back and drove the story forward in grounding, enervating ways. That’s never more true than when she acts with Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio). “Tristan will whisper things in my ear, and we go and we are off.  It’s like entering a ring with someone, and I find it incredibly exciting. And then I had Ian Buchanan come back to the show, and we have been friends for 26 years! As soon as we started to work together it was interesting. That relationship I could not enter into, as I sometimes say to Tristan, ‘The well worn shoe,’ because of the circumstances that we are dealing with, and how that story is going to play out. So that was tricky. But for us to work together again is exciting!”

A longtime critic of GH, Tristan Rogers (Scorpio) has been tweeting nothing but love, including this: “Credit to Frank and Ron here for crafting an engaging story with a large percentage of the cast. People who don't appear get a mention.” And this: “This story is very high on ‘entertainment value.’ No messages here. Just watch and enjoy.” Rogers missed our American Thanksgiving last weekend, because he traveled back home to Australia.

Kassie DePaiva (Blair, OLTL/GH) admitted to Soap Opera Uncensored’s Nelson Branco [re-posted by Michael Fairman, November 20, 2012] that she didn’t return to GH when asked the second time, because her feelings were hurt. Her OLTL colleagues were given GH contracts, but she was left out. “I said, ‘Forget that; I’m not going there because I felt like I didn’t want to diminish a brand I felt I had developed for almost two decades — and it was too hurtful.’ Also, the fans were so emotionally invested in Blair that I didn’t want to disappoint them with these short stints… but then Frank convinced me to come back.” Executive producer Frank Valentini, who was her boss over at OLTL, made it all right again, convincing DePaiva it was okay. When she thought about the work, missing the acting with her OLTL colleagues, and the fact that GH already has a full plate, including a Blair type in Carly, she felt better about returning. “… each time I visit GH, it’s less emotionally painful for me. The reality is that they are not going to ask me to stay permanently because they already have a Blair-type character on the canvas — and her name is Carly — even though we’re very different but, if you look at the palette of our characters, we are the same shade.”

Executive producer Frank Valentini teased on Twitter November 21st not to miss Monday’s episode: “…Everyone will be talking about it.”

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) and Justin Bruening (ex-Jamie, AMC) starred in Lifetime’s modern-day movie adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s novel “Little Women,” November 24, 8 p.m. ET. Did you watch?

Marc Samuel (Felix) signed a contract as Sabrina’s nursing student pal, joining the show starting December 4. Felix will figure heavily in the upcoming Nurses’ Ball.

Lindsey Morgan (Kristina) had a hard enough time memorizing an entire script just of one day’s dialogue for her character her first day on the job at GH. But then, when it came time to go back in time to the period where Kristina was abused by her boyfriend Kiefer, Morgan had an even harder time of it. It’s because she could identify so much with Kristina’s pain. In real life, she once had a boyfriend very much like Kiefer, in that he hurt her. “I had a boyfriend in the past who wasn't you know…the nicest guy; let's just put it at that. So after shooting that and being very kind of emotionally drained and emotionally just shaken by the experience of it, I'd come home and have nightmares. After that I really realized like ok, no matter what I can't bring anything home. So especially after it's like really intense stuff, even if I'm really tired I'll like force myself to go running or something. That's kind of like my way to kind of relieve stress and meditate you know.” Her current boyfriend, who’s a gem, wishes she could snag a fun sitcom, so she wouldn’t come home so burdened. But she’s learning. For those scenes with Trey, Morgan referred back to her predecessor Lexi Ainsworth’s work as an important, direct touch stone. Otherwise, Morgan kept away, preferring to make Kristina her own.

So far, Morgan’s flourished under the leadership of mentors and on-screen parents Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis)—who makes her laugh on-set, and Maurice Benard (Sonny)—who always brings her home just by maintaining eye contact in scenes. Establishing that instant level of trust, simply by looking into his eyes and going from there, has helped her as an actress tremendously. “He's always told me, which I think it's always essential in any acting scene with your partner, he's always told me to look right in his eyes and trust him, and he'll take me home,” Morgan explained. “I think trust between your scene partners is the first ultimate rule you need because you have to trust them. It's like that game when you fall back into someone's arms when you're acting with them, especially if it's high emotion, high vulnerability and high intensity. If you even feel an inkling of apprehension before you fall back, the scene isn't going to be as great. So when I work with Maurice and he tells me that, he points to his eyes and he's like 'stay right here and I'll take you home.' It's very comforting. It erases all anxiety or insecurity I feel. It just lets me relax and be in the scene.”

TV Source Magazine interview by Omar Nobles, Part 1 of three, November 21, 2012

Gossip for the week of 26-Nov-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

The Christmas holidays will bring a special gift for veteran fans: another 1980s veteran character.

When Helena returns, she’ll explain everything, including maybe her secret ownership of Shady Brook and all the funny farms (of course). She and Faison are working together, but for different agendas. SoapTown USA’s Loose Lips November 19 posted, “These are unrelated arcs that will eventually collide into a bigger umbrella story. [Head writer] Ron [Carlivati] is not done complicating this story and boggling our minds. The focus will be on old enemies as we have already begun to see with Faison.” Loose Lips also let slip that Faison’s Duke masquerade will not go on forever with Anna; she’ll see the light by the first week of December. Additional Loose Lips drops: Lucy Coe returns to host the Nurses’ Ball for Sabrina, but she may also want her cosmetics company back and have to fight for it, three children from Port Charles will return (“only two have been seen on GH before”), and Maurice Benard (Sonny) will re-sign, as his negotiations went well (“Sources say everything you have been hearing is just gossip...”).

Todd will solve the mystery of OLTL’s Tomas and GH’s late Alcazars, characters played by Ted King. He finds out something detrimental about Tomas. Together with Carly and Skye, Todd will set about circumventing Blair’s upcoming wedding to the mystery man.

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