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News for the week of 28-Jan-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

GH has been treading water for so long, with a threat of cancellation, that any change is welcome by the cast. Forget jealousy or resentment; it’s about saving this show and keeping it on the air. So when TPTB [The Powers That Be] brought in some OLTL stars, then began bringing more and more former GH/PC stars, the cast was fine with it. Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) embraced the OLTL stars as another way to bring in a larger audience of viewers. “I was a real believer in, ‘they had their own audience,’ and you bring some of them over, then you are going to bring some of them [along too]. It’s like good math. It just makes good sense.” Whatever it takes to save GH, Lisa LoCicero (Oliva) is on board. “We were in such a state of terminal illness on ‘General Hospital’ that whatever they do, or have done, to turn this show around, which they have succeeded at, is good for everybody. I can’t think of just me, I can’t think of just the actors, it’s more the crew, the wardrobe people, the makeup people. ‘General Hospital’ employs a lot of people, so whatever works, whatever it takes to make it work, is good for people who need their jobs a lot more than the actors.” LoCicero is both a working actress on the soap and a GH soap fan. She would be thrilled to share any scene, big or small, with incoming soap legend, Genie Francis (Laura). LoCicero and Grahn were on hand to field media questions at an ABC’s Television Critics Association party. –Jolie Lash of Access Hollywood

Jack Wagner (Frisco) gives fans a thrill when he returns to GH. He’s already been on the set filming for his short-term, and will make it on-screen starting February 4. Thanks, Access Hollywood!

That didn’t last very long. Chad Duell (Michael) and Taylor Novack ended their marriage with a curious annulment late last year. They were married in September. Chalk it up to their youth. “It didn't work out. It was just too soon. I think we weren't ready. … It is the best thing for both of us,” he said in a Soaps In Depth interview.

The Rafe Molly runs into on the docks is the grown-up son of PC’s Alison and Caleb. He’s played by a soap newcomer named Jimmy Deshler. Watch him starting January 30.

Gossip for the week of 28-Jan-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

With Chad Duell (Michael) now a free man, might he be interested in dating his co-star Kristen Alderson (Starr)? Fans think they’d make a cute, real-life couple. They already spend inordinate amounts of time filming their YouTube videos together.

Already a couple? Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Kirsten Storms (Maxie), most likely. She’s been tweeting up a storm of Instagram pics; here’s one. What happened to Barash’s fiancée, Natalie Hall (ex-Colby, AMC)? Oh that’s off, as of a few months ago. What? I’m not the only one to notice the new lovebirds. Gossiping Pens has too: “Barash has struck up a new romance with his GH co-star, Kirsten Storms. While the two haven’t publicly announced that they’re in a relationship, it’s quite easy to read between the lines. Storms has been tweeting a series of Instagram pics of the two looking rather ‘cozy’ over the last several weeks. [January 19, 2013]”

Ever since A.J. told Michael about Heather’s hint of another, as-yet unknown Quartermaine heir who could tip the ELQ stakes, fans have been wondering who it could be. Some are figuring it has to be Franco’s daughter Lauren, the one he told Carly about at Christmas time a while ago. But was he making it up, or on the level about the daughter he never got to know? GH was casting recently for a blonde bombshell. Or, it could be someone already on the canvas, like Sabrina or Britt. G-d help us all.

The following are from GH Happenings’ Rumorville: After Sabrina makes Britt feel small over her mistreatment of Emma (coming up this week), Britt wants to return the favor in a bigger way. Britt may blackmail Maxie to help trip Sabrina up so she flunks out of the nursing program… Someone drugs A.J., which causes him to orbit in Nurse Elizabeth’s direction this week. That’s not the end of A.J.’s troubles. He’ll also be knee-deep in a murder investigation when it appears his hands are all over Steve Webber’s death (it’s Heather, of course). Olivia has a premonition about her fiancé in a swimming pool… The whole PC vampire mess is a figment of Lucy’s psychotic break, according to Dr. Kevin Collins. It turns out Caleb was just a regular guy who cheated on Livvie with Alison, then knocked Alison up with baby Rafe and bailed, back with Livvie before taking off. The psychotic break was caused by Lucy’s guilt after the drama with Caleb resulted in Livvie’s catatonic state. Caleb and Livvie wound up running off together. John and Sam may go hunting for the couple… Look for a recast Ethan, who becomes the object of Kristina and Sabrina’s affections. He’ll also figure heavily in the discovery of Jerry holding Robin. When Robin returns, she may find herself incredibly attached to kidnapper Jerry (Stockholm Syndrome)… Jason’s death is confirmed when authorities locate his remains… Someone from Starr’s life resurfaces, possibly causing a rift between her and Michael… A specific mystery person takes extraordinary interest in Molly’s published book; it seems the story is déjà vu to this person… Shawn meets Felix then acts like a homophobe, to Alexis.

Antonio Sabato Jr. could return as Jagger Cates soon. He wants to so badly. He was seen at the studios recently in a meeting with TPTB.

Since AMC and OLTL were canceled in 2011, GH has been dogged by cancellation rumors. This year, the last ABC Daytime soap just may have won a stay of execution for as long as it continues to bring in the ratings.’s Nellie Andreeva January 25th reported GH is doing so well with the bigwigs that “ABC has no plans to cancel General Hospital (the series is on a perpetual production track and doesn’t need formal renewals if the network wants to keep it on the air).” Fingers crossed.

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