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News for the week of 29-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

“It was a whirlwind trip. I got in late on a Sunday night and checked into the Trump Hotel at 11 p.m. with my one little bag, like a high-priced hooker. We shot the next day and I was back on a plane — all in under 24 hours. The taste-off is absolutely hilarious and The Chew hosts were so game and cute. Absolutely darling. Love them!” Jane Elliot (Tracy) is talking about her and Sean Kanan’s (A.J.) recent, real-life jaunt across the country by plane to The Chew’s Manhattan studios to film the continuation of the GH relish storyline, in the big taste-off. The fight between Tracy and A.J. to exact the best relish recipe lands them on the ABC food talk show with co-hosts Michael Symon, Mario Batali, Carla Hall, and Daphne Oz deciding on the tastiest batch. The episodes featuring The Chew co-hosts and their show will appear on-screen May 13-14. According to the ongoing GH story, Nikolas changes his mind about funding Tracy’s relish and has two guys prevent her from crashing the set of The Chew, but she escapes them just in time to interrupt the co-hosts interviewing A.J. Then, things get really interesting, promised the actress. –TV Guide, April 22, 2013, Michael Logan interview

Finola Hughes (Anna) has moved on past Robin’s death, accepting it as a fact even, storyline-dictated. She admitted to Daytime Confidential’s Regen Cellura (April 22, 2013 interview) that she often forgets that Robin’s somewhere out there waiting to be found. Hughes herself was as blown away by the Dr. Obrecht/Britt reveal as the rest of us. And only recently are viewers catching glimpses of the old romance between Anna and Duke; their portrayers are just now feeling it on-screen too, after so much drama.“We’re to start to get into the fun again. We’ve been through such hard things, so it’s weird. You can’t just jump in and have a lot of fun; you have to go through it until it can be fun. We’re about to start.”

Kimberly McCullough’s (ex-Robin) director always comes out in interviews. In her first one from the other week, with Daytime Confidential’s Regen Cellura April 20th, McCullough couldn’t help but note that the Nurses’ Ball seemed a bit lonely for a revival. “The one thing I thought is that there should be people, it looked a little sparse. See, I’m doing the directing thing. [Laughs]”

Kirsten Storms (Maxie) must have to answer this question a lot. But in Sara Bibel’s April 26, 2013 Deep Soap interview, Storms does it again gamely, by commenting on the new, recast Lulu, Y&R’s Emme Rylan (ex-Abby), “She’s very nice. She came in with a positive attitude ready to conquer the huge storyline that she’s smack in the middle of and things have worked out really well for her. We definitely miss Julie [Berman] and miss her being around, but Emme’s carrying her own [weight] for sure.” (Btw, Storms thought her usually selfish character was doing a noble thing by continuing to keep secret the identity of the baby daddy this long.)

The new, recast Lulu — Emme Rylan — tried to be respectful of the shoes she’s had to fill left by Emmy-award-winning Julie Marie Berman. She seemed to get it, as a frequent beneficiary of recast characters, and was so thankful she didn’t have to step in under duress. That helps. “Number one, because Julie left in a positive way, that makes it a much smoother transition. So that helped me be like, ‘Okay, this is good.’ I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. I know that this is what you do. You don’t look at a message board for about six months. I’m the recast queen. This is my third recast. You don’t look at the Internet for like six months. You try to stay true to the character and bring a little bit of your flavor to it and tune out anything else. Soap fans are very flexible people. They have to be to embrace another human being playing a character that they’ve watched for seven years. I want everyone to know that I love playing Lulu so much and I’m so excited about this job. Just know that I’m trying to stay as true to Lulu as I can.”

Jason Thompson (Patrick) was also involved in Bibel’s Deep Soap group interview — she got the quotes during the Paley Center panel a few weeks ago — fielding tough questions about the tough position he’s been placed in since Robin was presumed dead. The comparisons are inevitable. Thompson saw similarities to tie a Sabrina type with Robin, for sure, in their independent streaks and child-friendly personas. Justifying Britt’s pregnancy, quite possibly after the impromptu shower sex, hasn’t been as easy to explain away—not for a character who went through Robin’s HIV scares. “I don’t know the right way to answer this, but it happens. Obviously, we should all be as safe as possible but there’s a reason why she came into the shower. It just kind of happened and God forbid anyone ever made a mistake like that. I mean, this is one of the times that a child was conceived in that way. I thought about it, and I’m not going to let everybody know my train of thought, but I found a way to make that rational in Patrick’s world. That’s all that counts for me. It doesn’t matter what happens. Everybody’s going to have something to say which is great.”

In this same Deep Soap interview, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) offered her observations on storyline, the Nurses’ Ball (“My huge photo wasn’t enough for you?”), and the obvious choice between Sabrina and Britt — in her usual wry, sardonic fashion. “Who would approve of Britt? Robin would approve of Sabrina, because she’s so good for the baby. She loves Emma so much.”

Broadcast journalist Katie Couric held her own in scenes opposite actor Tyler Christopher (Nikolas). On April 23, she made a guest appearance as a member of the paparazzi trying to sneak a few quotes from Prince Cassadine after his shooting. Christopher was suitably impressed, despite Couric’s nerves. “For a celebrity guest star she had quite a fair amount of dialogue but she was very well-prepared and knew exactly what she wanted to do with the scenes. Above all however, she was gracious, kind, and able to laugh at herself right along with me. I would love to be a fish out of water on her show someday.”

Maura West (ex-Carly, ATWT; ex-Diane, Y&R) takes on the character of Ava Jerome. Of the Victor Jerome mob family, the one who fancied Lucy Coe? Who knows.

It’s a first for Genie Francis (Laura) and Francis fans. But she’ll host her own fan event during the GH Fan Club Weekend this summer. “Breakfast with Genie Francis” is going to be July 28, 8 a.m.-11 a.m., at the Sportsmen Event Center’s Starlight Room. Tickets are going for $100 per person, but hurry, these tickets won’t last and there’s limited seating. Francis is not expected to be at any other fan event.

Gossip for the week of 29-Apr-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Roger Howarth may return to GH to play Jason’s actual fraternal twin, according to the latest on Daytime Dish. For this to work, this means Franco had nothing familial to do with Jason. Adding cred to this rumor is another rumor that Howarth has been shooting with Robin Mattson (Heather) already.

Britt’s pregnancy was the result of inseminating herself with Dante and Lulu’s spare embryo. But Kirsten Storms (Maxie) still thinks it’s possible that unborn baby’s Patrick’s. What does Deep Soap’s Sara Bibel know that we don’t?!

Does anybody else feel that Prospect Park’s lawsuit against ABC is unnecessary? Just write another story!

I’m not the only viewer to notice the awful wardrobe of the female characters on this show, especially Maxie’s matronly white housecoat with the excessive pearl jewelry. And she’s the fashion assistant. WTF? Are the women of Port Charles shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s?

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