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News for the week of 29-Jul-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Sean Kanan (A.J.) will show the entire rap video, “I’m A Soap Star,” with him in it during his November birthday tour, November 2 (his birthday)-3 on the East Coast. Kanan raps with Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R), and Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge, B&B). Besides screening the rap video, Kanan will also have a stand-up routine and a meet ‘n greet.

Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie) tweeted that Friday, July 26th was her last day filming at GH. The actress took some time to love her co-stars and the viewers via Twitter. Many of those viewers have become fans because of her superlative acting in difficult rape and DID stories, after a controversial recast of Megan Ward. After a pass from the Daytime Emmy panel (she wasn’t even nominated), Sullivan then suffered the further indignity of receiving a pink slip, storyline-dictated. Many of her fans would rather she stayed on GH. They’re encouraging other fans to let TPTB know. Contact Anne Sweeney, president of Disney-ABC Television Group, 1-818-460-7700, 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521, or GH executive producer Frank Valentini c/o GH, 4151 Prospect Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027, tweet @valentinifrank using #KeepKelly. Comment on the comment line, 323-671-4583 (GH)/818-460-7477, ext. 1 (ABC).

The GH casting department needs a black actress in her 20s-30s to win a contract role if she can pull off charismatic.

Gossip for the week of 29-Jul-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco) incited a near-riot on Twitter with GH fans by actually voicing a strong opinion July 23 against the way his character last exited at the 50th anniversary-Nurses’ Ball Gala. After saying he consulted with the Lord on what to do, Wagner spoke his piece, saying he found fault with having his character be depicted as a deadbeat dad running off again on his family after Felicia rejected him for Mac. Wagner tweeted that he didn’t like the idea as soon as he had to play it. “It's my fault, I should hv had some sack n stood up 4 the character n his history but was a total pussy. I apologize GH n Frisco fans my bad… The way Frisco was written out was wrong n out of character, I could hv fuckin screamed n should hv but didn't want 2 make waves. Shame on me… Very disappointed in the powers that b @ GH. The ratings momentum around the 50th was blown, BADLY, sorry GH fans we were misled.” TV Guide soap columnist Michael Logan fired back on his Twitter for Wagner “attacking Carlivati,” like the actor just committed a crime against humanity: “Pleeze. @JackWagnerhpk & God seem to 4get that Frisco has LONG been written as a deadbeat d*ck. Can’t blame this on Cartini @GeneralHospital.” The entire rant is on GH Daily Dish.

Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) left this video for Bryan Craig (Morgan) and the whole Twitter world to see, July 19. Are they dating?

Sean Kanan (A.J.) went on Twitter July 22 to deny rumors of his impending firing thusly: “Not sure how this rumor started but I am putting an end to it. I have not been fired and am not leaving GH. Thanks 4 all the kind support.”

Maurice Benard (Sonny) recently canceled his U.S. tour, purportedly because of terrible ticket sales. What about the fans who already paid to see him?

Peter Reckell (ex-Bo, DOOL) said he’s not going to play Sam’s biological dad. It’s most likely going to be William deVry (Derek, Kate’s new boss; ex-Michael Cambias, Bianca’s rapist, AMC). Huge letdown.

Connie will stir up so much trouble for Ava and the Jeromes that she gets caught in the cross-fire and winds up a bloody mess, going out in a body bag. Maurice Benard (Sonny) supposedly said — in this past weekend’s GH Fan Club event — that if his character can’t have Connie, he wants Connie’s cousin, Olivia.

Emma Samms (Holly) was spotted at the GH Fan Club Weekend. Fans say she’s returning to wrap up storyline, along with Faison and Jerry.

But then Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily) was also there, so… could she be the link between Sonny and Sabrina?

Taylor might try to pull a Britt on T.J. Doesn’t work though. Taylor gets waylaid and winds up on her back at GH.

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