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News for the week of 30-Apr-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Jason Cook (Matt) was able to bring his love of comics into an April 25th episode with Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), when the characters interacted in front of a fictional movie premiere of The Avengers (out in U.S. theatres for real on May 4). Both actors are comic book fans and it was a thrill for them to participate in a cross-promotion for the movie on their soap. Cook—who used to dutifully collect comics as a kid, and is looking to properly display his collection—attended the real-life, red-carpet movie premiere and got to chat with Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee about the movie too. He spoke to’s Arune Singh (for her April 24th-posted article) about the strange but interesting intersect of comics and soaps, as well as his honest approach as an actor. This honest approach, no matter how bizarre the soap plot, has won Cook many additional GH fans. He elaborated on what he always tries to do when tackling any sort of story. “It’s being honest about whatever the situation is no matter how farfetched it is--both comics and soaps can sometimes enter this territory,” he explained. “There’s always some sort of truth and honesty underlying all that motivation. And so I think it’s always the actor’s job, especially in a soap that moves so quickly where you only have one take, to always treat the material honestly, otherwise it reeks ‘soapy.’ I think it’s the same thing with comics as well. No matter how outrageous the story or circumstances, as long as there is some truth behind it, everything works in the end. That’s what’s so cool about comics--no matter how outrageous the character is or their special abilities are, there’s always a very core, relatable reason that allows you to identify with this fantastical person.”

Arune Singh also interviewed Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) about The Avengers, comics, his GH band, and that April 25th episode.

Gossip for the week of 30-Apr-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

SoapTown USA’s Loose Lips played a what-if game in her April 29th spumors, including the possible returns of the Nurses’ Ball (if they can get Lynn Herring/Lucy Coe), and more OLTL and PC characters, a possible connection between Heather and OLTL’s Allison Perkins, related to a tied-up Victor (Trevor St. John), a burgeoning rivalry once a newly recast Kristina gets a load of Starr around Michael, a possible undoing of the Franco rape angle in Sam and Jason’s story (Franco and Steve are brothers?), a possible exploration of Sam’s father, and more Felicia. Here are some excerpts: “Felicia is back and TPTB loved her work so much they have invited her to do more episodes. The plan is to heal the Jones family. TPTB are going to put Mac and Felicia together and fans should be happy about their upcoming interactions. I hear no romance as of now, a lot depends if Frisco comes home… What if Sam was not raped, and Jason is the father, and Franco is not Jason's twin, but is Steven Lars's twin? Ask yourself why Heather set Sam up to take another test? Why the test must read Franco? Because Heather, like Franco, enjoys playing mind games... What if Sean Connelly came back to help his old buddies?... What if Sam had twins?...”

The twin rumor was also dropped by an anonymous source on Daytime Dish last week, ala “two sets of twin boys are on set today.” This could mean Sam gives birth to twins, or OLTL’s Téa gives birth to twins, or either gives birth to one baby (in daytime, it’s common practice to use twins or triplets, so as not to over-tire the children). In fan reaction to a related DD rumor, OLTL’s McBain and Todd might help deliver Téa’s baby, roadside.

Here’s one from Daytime Dish about the return of OLTL’s Blair soon, and some rumored drama about her and TPTB: “It's June. And they kissed her ass. All's well and she gets to sing, as well. But it is back to Todd. She gets what she wants as they really feel they need her. And they do feel bad surprisingly. They love her but know they handled this badly. Note the difference in how they've handled the backlash. They fell on their sword in their minds.”

Other assorted DD-sourced spumors include: Helena shadows Blair… Executive producer of both OLTL and GH, Frank Valentini, means to “make a hybrid” of both soaps… Look for OLTL’s Natalie, Liam, and Viki to cross over to GH… And this: “Expect pony rides, face painting, fireworks and maybe a clown or two (not to mention storyline culminations, a big return or two and whatever else FV can pull out of his hat) the week of July 23 and the week of September 17. ABCD has set these two weeks as ‘target weeks.’”

Ultimately, Maxie will get what she has been clamoring for: the judge sentences her to 20 years. All throughout May, Spinelli’s sole purpose is to dig up proof to free Maxie.

Speaking of Maxie, former portrayer Kirsten Storms has been tweeting up a storm again, teasing co-star Jason Thompson (Patrick), saying hi to fans, saying she’s better, even tweeting her former-friend-turned-rival-back-to-friends again, Farah Fath (ex-Gigi, OLTL; ex-Mimi, DOOL). Might this mean Storms will return to be Maxie for May Sweeps? Please?

Shawn finally returns in the next few weeks to flesh out the Molly-and-T.J. story, that had been back-burnered to accommodate Sean Blakemore’s movie project. A huge rumor making the rounds on SoapZone’s GH board is that Shawn is really with the FBI and will join forces with McBain to nail Sonny.

Connie will use most of the summer to wreak further havoc on the unsuspecting citizens of Port Charles. Sonny and Kate, however, will work through this conflict.

Starr’s latest stunt—attempting to take Sonny hostage—will land her in trouble with the law. Todd and Téa will come from OLTL’s Llanview to help her. It’s been rumored that Téa might be brought over as a romantic foil for Sonny.

With Todd coming back to GH, is he going to romance Carly?

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