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News for the week of 30-Jun-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Ron Carlivati gave some backstory on the GH he’s written, as well as his reaction to the Emmy snub. It was all very proper. Daytime Confidential’s Sara Bibel June 24 asked the head writer whether he’s taking any precautions to prevent the mob from swallowing the show, like before. He simply referred her back to his predecessor, Bob Guza Jr. and the history of GH featuring the mob. He said he inherited that legacy and is writing his stories as best as he can. “I don’t have the ability to write the mob the way it was written before on the show. That’s not who I am as a writer, so I wouldn’t try to imitate what they did, because I think they did it so successfully,” Carlivati said. “We have so many stories going on that I don’t think there’s really a threat of the mob taking over. The mob was a part of the show from way before there was a Sonny Corinthos, with Luke and Tracy and, back in the day, with Roy Delucca and Frank Smith. It was all about the mob. It’s always going to be an element of the show. You can’t write Sonny without writing the mob. So I love to learn and do my own spin on the mob.”

Carlivati also stood by other stories, including some fans questioning Tracy’s sudden stupidity in the face of an obvious Fluke. Hey, but Tony Geary’s excited about acting on GH again. “He really is thrilled. He’s thanked us a million times. He’s bringing so much to it. We can only write it. I don’t know how he’s going to play Fluke,” Carlivati said. “He does such an amazing job of transforming himself. I heard people saying, like, ‘He’s wearing contact lenses. He’s wearing a wig.’ I’m like, no, that’s Tony. I just love what he’s doing. People say, ‘What happened to Tracy? Why is Tracy so stupid?’ I don’t think you wake up and say your spouse or significant other has been replaced by an exact duplicate. I don’t know why that would naturally occur to someone. And he has a very good reason for acting differently. He was locked up, drugged and zapped in a mental hospital. So I stand by Tracy’s behavior, even if the audience gives me some crap about that.”

Carlivati didn’t give Bibel any more fuel for the Twitter-originated fire — that he felt snubbed by the Daytime Emmy judges — choosing to answer professionally. “Look, I don’t know the reason. I only know what I submitted and I think it stacks up just as well as any of the other submissions. As far as how and why you don’t get nominated, that’s not for me to answer. Of course I’m disappointed, but at the same time, it’s not all about the awards. I’m just happy to be here and supporting everybody who is nominated and getting to see friends and people that I have worked with. So that part’s fun. And what is gratifying is the number of people in your field who are saying we got robbed. So that makes me feel better.”

Like head writer Ron Carlivati told Sara Bibel of Daytime Confidential, Tony Geary (Luke/Fluke) has really been loving his evil doppelganger turn lately. In fact, the storyline has revitalized his zest for acting on GH. The rumor of his restlessness turned out to be true. The actor told TV Guide’s Michael Logan June 26 that he came close to walking away from the soap that made him world famous a little over a year ago — until Carlivati came up with Fluke. Geary just didn’t want to continue playing Luke the way he’d been written, as this reactive fartknocker. Geary wanted to break stuff, basically. Enter, Fluke.

Once Geary jumped in, he jumped in all the way. He studied sociopaths in history, trying to go the complete opposite of the animated, humorous Luke. “I… decided that somebody as mercurial as Fluke would have to be really calm, really placid, with an exterior that wasn't overtly violent or volatile,” Geary described. “From there I slowed my speech, found a different rhythm and pitched my voice to more of a whisper. When you say the eyes are different, I have to credit my brilliant makeup artist, Donna Messina, who did some really special, subtle things with my eyes to give me a predatory look. Those are the physical things. Then there were the personality changes. Luke is very expressive and has a great sense of humor, so I eliminated all that from Fluke. He doesn't use nicknames like calling Tracy ‘Spanky Buns.’ This guy has no joy in life.”

Geary’s on his regular summer vacation, but he also had to take off for two, nearly back-to-back back surgeries in April — a long time overdue. He spend two weeks recuperating just to get back on his feet, and will spend six months in his Amsterdam home to fully get back to normal. He blamed his penchant — all the way back to his childhood days pretending to be Peter Pan — for pushing his body to the limit (as a cliff diver in Acapulco, a high jumper/pole vaulter in school, a dancer) for the back pain. It was severe, too. “I was X-rayed and found out I had two almost complete breaks in my spine. It was pretty terrifying. I was one fender-bender away from being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.” The fix involved turning Geary into a “cyborg! I got a titanium knee a few years ago and now I have a metal cage around my spine. Not only can't I go through security at the airport without setting off alarms, if I walk past your house your garage door will open.”

GH’s casting department is searching for a black actor in his 30s to 40s for a September start and a contract role.

Gossip for the week of 30-Jun-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Is T.J.’s father really dead? Or did he get the Nina treatment?

It won’t be long before Alexis wakes up and smells the BS coming off Julian. She has to practically catch him red-handed. Julian has to explain himself and he honestly tells Alexis that his real boss is Luke (he doesn’t have a clue). Anna and Ric inform Alexis about Julian’s true vocation and the lies. Alexis knowing all this puts her in jeopardy, but not to worry — Julian to the rescue, even if he has to get plugged jumping in front of the speeding bullet.

Rafe succumbs to his cocaine addiction and passes away from an overdose. This hits Sam hard, understandably. But it also hits Julian hard, because of the infiltration of drugs. Father and daughter build a bridge over the loss.

Remember Carlos? He will soon be freed and out for payback for Sabrina’s baby.

There’s more to Nina and her presumed-dead baby.

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