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News for the week of 23-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

For the April 1st, 52nd anniversary show, GH will go back in time to 1963 — the year the soap opera first started — in flashbacks. Three of the current stars will portray the three lead characters of that 1960s time period: Dr. Steve Hardy (Jason Thompson/Patrick), Nurse Jessie Brewer (Rebecca Herbst/Elizabeth), and Dr. Phil Brewer (Ryan Carnes/Lucas). Also in the April 1st show: Luke’s family secrets come out.

Brytni Sarpy appeared last week as Pat Spencer’s daughter Valerie. Originally, she tried out for the role of TJ’s mom, Jordan, but was deemed too young.

Michelle Stafford (Nina; ex-Phyllis, Y&R) started work on a new indie in pre-production titled, Durant’s Never Closes, with Tom Sizemore in the lead. Stafford stars opposite Sizemore as Suzie, his love interest. The indie was made through a crowd-funding Kickstarter campaign, and follows the tale of real-life restaurateur Jack Durant.

Rebecca Budig (Hayden; ex-Greenlee, AMC) hoped GH fans wouldn’t burn her at the stake for what she’s about to do to Elizabeth and Jake’s newfound romance. In a March 20th interview with Michael Logan at TV Insider, the beloved, popular actress sang the praises of the GH cast and crew. She said she was surprised by how easy it was to blend in. “I always heard that it was a tough crowd over there, that it’s not easy to join that group and fit in. I mean, that was always the rumor, right? Well, it’s completely the opposite. [Executive producer] Frank Valentini runs a really great set. He doesn’t allow for egos or bad behavior. It’s kind of, like, normal over at GH, which is really weird. When is anything in show business normal? Then again, I’m still new there. Maybe people are saying s--- behind my back! [Laughs]” Read about her ongoing, fun feud with neighbor and pal Greg Rikaart (Kevin, Y&R) in Logan’s interview.

Gossip for the week of 23-Mar-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Stephen Nichols reprises his popular DOOL role as Patch, which probably means he’s not the one returning to GH as Stefan — even for that one special fan day. Courtney’s most likely the one. Sorry.

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