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News for the week of 23-Feb-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Kathleen Gati (Dr. Liesl Obrecht) scored a role on the new online production of Winterthorne. She plays Valentina Winterthorne, one of the title characters, and not far off the mark from her GH role in terms of the power-mongering thirst. Gati will act with Dallas star Linda Gray, who plays her sister Joanna.

Kudos to award-winning head writer Ron Carlivati and his writing team for putting heart (aka, Roger Howarth [Franco; ex-Todd, OLTL]) into Kristen Alderson’s (Kiki; ex-Starr, OLTL) final GH scene last Monday, in a last-minute revision. Originally Alderson was scheduled in final scenes with Morgan. In a mix that was both clever and surprisingly deep, the writers had Howarth’s Franco play most of the scene as if he were Todd Manning, Starr’s father from OLTL, and her reacting perplexed to the sudden burst of emotion. GH is not allowed to reference the OLTL characters due to ongoing legal hassles. But the writers have been having a field day with innuendo as Franco struggles with the LSD he injected himself with. Because of the writers led by Carlivati, Alderson was able to share her final scene with the actor who played her father as she literally grew up in front of TV audiences on OLTL. Howarth broke character in his last parting shot of dialogue: “… So just in case  …  goodbye. You’ve been a gift to me. I won’t forget you.” Alderson tweeted that it made her and Howarth “VERY happy we had those scenes together.”

It’s the caliber of heart in scenes like that which probably gave GH the push to win the February 14th Writers Guild of America Awards in the daytime drama category. Congratulations for a much-deserved win to head writer Ron Carlivati and the rest of the writing team from GH.

Gossip for the week of 23-Feb-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

When Fluke mercilessly ripped out Lulu’s heart in that jail scene last week, fans ripped into the head writer, Ron Carlivati, in social media for his thoughtlessness and disrespect. Including me. Many of them were afraid this was Tony Geary’s (Luke) swan song, going out with the kind of abusive bang for the buck he always seemed to be angling for. Even though the real possibility existed that this was not the real Luke, somehow, fans couldn’t help but be outraged at the umbrage in the depths of the cold, calculated cruelty with which Fluke performed his abuse on his own daughter. This past week, however, came the cavalry in the form of hope, a hope that some fans speculated would come in a possible split personality story. The scenes of Geary’s Luke resurfacing with stark raving terror may have been played a little over the top, but that is the actor’s way and what endears him to daytime. The scenes more importantly redeemed Carlivati as a writer who means well, who may get caught up at times in his own cleverness, but who always — when the chips are down — tries to exact the payback with heart and soul. Let’s see how this plays out. As annoyingly defensive and unnecessarily snarky as Carlivati can be on Twitter, the man has talent. He wouldn’t have been able to polish OLTL in the final death throes or rescuscitate GH from the gallows if he didn’t.

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