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News for the week of 29-Sep-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Drew Cheetwood (Milo) and his family will move to the Midwest — Michigan to be exact — in November, which affects his availability somewhat to GH. He will continue to drop in from time to time, though, as recurring when he can. The move is for his family. Michigan seems a better fit for the values the actor wants to instill: “The game change was starting a family and having kids. I'm in full support of how I was brought up — the values, the mentality. I thought somewhere in the Midwest would make sense one day. And all the things that I am, I can do there, too. [ABC Soaps In Depth, September 21, 2015]”

Oops, she did it again. Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) shared her critical thoughts about Viola Davis winning the Emmy for best TV drama leading actress in ceremonies on September 20. Davis happens to also be the first black actress to deserve such an honor. Grahn seemed to have a problem with Davis’ speech, in which the How To Get Away With Murder star referenced Harriet Tubman and previous black actresses never given the opportunity to compete on a level playing field. Grahn triggered a mainstream backlash with her thoughtless, ignorant tweets, including one that claimed Davis was from the Hollywood elite and didn’t suffer discrimination. Daytime Confidential’s Luke Kerr on September 21 laid the situation out nice and clear in this update. Grahn’s Emmy-related outbursts got picked up and picked on by almost every media outlet there is, as well as former Emmy winner Patricia Arquette who asked her to please stop. Grahn ended up deleting some of her more offensive replies, after apologizing — in her own backhanded way — profusely.

Gossip for the week of 29-Sep-2015

by Carol Banks Weber

Laura returns to try to right the wrong by Nikolas and Elizabeth. She goes straight to Sam, who is at Patrick’s, to tell her the truth that Jake is really Jason when she loses her nerve. DD insider Trixie on September 26 dropped this spumor and some others: “NLG is not fired, but she did get a hand slap/warning from the higher ups … Ava says Carlos shot Sonny, not Julian like Paul said … Sloane gets drunk and tells Paul about Anna killing Carlos … Sloane winds up dead … Laura wants Liz to tell the truth … Sonny has a seizure that leads to a coma … Trixie says there will be more cohesive scenes after new regime starts on the 5th [via Lynx on SoapZone].”

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