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News for the week of 04-Feb-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Erika Slezak (Viki) confirmed plans to join Prospect Park’s online OLTL on her official fan club website. Stating that the filming will begin in mid-March, she is just waiting for the final contract to sign. “This will be an exciting and groundbreaking adventure and we hope that you will all join us as we bring back all the characters you loved and possibly some new ones. I will let you all know when a firm air date is announced.”

Michael Easton (John, OLTL/GH) had to let the cat out of the bag on his Facebook Thursday when addressing fans wanting to drop by the GH studio in California with birthday gifts. He posted that he wouldn’t be there after February 8, “due to some ongoing legal this and that.” But he suggested fans instead consider contributing to the American Cancer Society in his honor (his mother died of cancer). After this released a furor from upset GH/OLTL fans, the actor had to post a Part 2: “Didn't mean to upset anybody, was just trying to address the birthday stuff. Honestly not sure what the future holds but I think it’s going to take some time and some very bright people to resolve it. Thank you again for all your kindness and support.”

Kristen Alderson (Starr, OLTL/GH), who tends to be more of a vault, revealed nothing on her Twitter about the Prospect Park vs. ABC Daytime licensing negotiations. Only this: “Thank you for all of your sweet responses to the recent madness. Nothing yet to report! Praying for positive answers.”

Gossip for the week of 04-Feb-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Roger Howarth (Todd, OLTL/GH) — whether he wants to or not — will reportedly have to leave GH to return to the online OLTL for that mid-March filming date. At least, to help launch Prospect Park’s reboot. This doesn’t make sense, seeing as the actor reportedly turned down a chance to revive Todd for the first Prospect Park launch that failed after OLTL was canceled.

ABC Daytime tried to do damage control following Michael Easton’s Facebook post last Thursday — revealing he had to leave GH’s premises after February 8 due to legal issues (duh, Prospect Park wants him back) — by issuing a reassurance that John, Todd, and Starr are still safely ensconced on the last remaining ABC soap. A soap representative issued this statement the next day to Soap Opera Network: “‘General Hospital’ is excited about Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth staying on the show and we are exploring ways to allow that to happen.”

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