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News for the week of 12-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

OLTL executive producer Jennifer Pepperman sorely wished Kristen Alderson (ex-Starr), Roger Howarth (Todd), and Michael Easton (ex-John) were available to help restart the soap with Prospect Park this past spring. She acknowledged missing out on that huge goldmine. The popular Pepperman didn’t hold back in bringing up ABC’s hand in this. “Absolutely, it did hinder us. ABC really hurt us. Those three actors and characters are amazing and so talented,” she told Michael Fairman in an August 1st interview. “They were really deeply ingrained on OLTL and to this day it hurts, and it saddens me. It was a big issue, and we had a lot of challenges going forward, and to get the show up and running, and you have to continue to have a point of view, and you continue to have a vision, and continue to put one step in front of the other. However, if we had those three characters, the show would have been a different show. I admire the actors. They are amazing and I cannot stay enough good things about them, but it really hurt us not having them. I would love to have Kristen Alderson back on One Life to Live for a day, for a week, for a year!” Imagine Pepperman’s horror when Starr’s boyfriend Cole and their daughter Hope went off the cliff to their doom. She couldn’t believe GH did that to two prime OLTL characters. For some odd reason, she didn’t see any way back from that—not even a rewrite. She simply insisted that she and Prospect Park “feel strongly” against resurrecting dead characters. Losing Cole, Hope, and even Victor Jr. III were “real losses for the show,” she said.

Gossip for the week of 12-Aug-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Why couldn’t Prospect Park/TOLN OLTL simply rewrite the death scenes of Hope, Cole, and Victor, the newborn—as if they never happened? It’s not as if they’re planning any major soap cross-overs, right? Loosen the tight grip on reality, people. It’s soaps.

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