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News for the week of 20-May-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Prospect Park’s Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz released a lengthy statement May 16 about the immediate decision to reduce the number of weekly episodes from four to two for both AMC and OLTL. They cited research of online viewer habits — which they claim was different than TV — and deemed that four episodes a week was just too much to ask of the average person. Therefore, starting Monday, May 20, AMC will air online Mondays and Wednesdays, with OLTL on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with Fridays remaining intact for the behind-the-scenes stuff. “This allows us to introduce a new episode of quality television every Monday through Friday and gives the audience a chance to catch up as we continue to build awareness and excitement around these new shows. Because Hulu agrees with our findings, for the meantime they will keep all of our episodes on for free to give viewers the opportunity to find us and catch up.”

As further explanation, Kwatinetz told SOD online May 16 Prospect Park had to consider the viewers who tune in to OLTL or AMC online after all that positive buzz. Those viewers will feel overwhelmed with four weekly episodes to catch up on, rather than two. “What are the odds that that person is going to say, ‘Oh, I'm willing to watch 30 episodes?’ We started to see very clearly that people were going to be daunted by that and we don't want to turn off new viewers. It’s important that we build the viewership and we want people to feel that the shows are accessible, which is kind of the whole point why we’re doing this online to begin with.”

Gossip for the week of 20-May-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Here’s my take on the reduction of episodes. I tuned in when I heard about the high ratings of OLTL and AMC’s premiere April 29. I tried to tune in the next day, but I ran out of time. While OLTL was better than AMC, neither were better than my favorite TV show, Criminal Minds, which I would never miss under any circumstance. I will make time to watch shows that good. OLTL and AMC have to be that good. I’m not sure they have the time to develop into a Criminal Minds, or a Modern Family, at least not for me. A young girl sucking her peanut butter fingers like a phallic symbol ain’t gonna cut it. Again, let me beat the drum for turning soap operas into reality shows. Can you imagine OLTL as a Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor, or Big Brother? Yummy.

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