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News for the week of 25-Jun-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew) said he’s hanging with former OLTL co-stars John-Paul Lavoisier (ex-Rex) and his girlfriend Farah Fath (ex-Gigi) more now (“almost every day”), in L.A., than when they were doing the soap in NYC. L.A. is a stark contrast to New York City, and a city Alderson’s embraced. –Soap Opera Digest, June 18, 2012

OLTL did not go home empty-handed at the June 17th Daytime Emmy Creative Arts Awards. It won for Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction.

In the one-hour, pre-Emmy Red Carpet telecast June 23rd on HLN, there was mostly fawning by the two co-host reporters AJ Hammer and Nischelle Turner, especially around Erika Slezak (ex-Viki). Turner went on and on about Slezak being a shoe-in to win Outstanding Leading Actress. Slezak felt uneasy about that and kept downplaying her chances. Sure enough, the jinx was in, Slezak lost to Heather Tom (Katie, B&B). Read more about the awards in the GH News & Gossip section.

Gossip for the week of 25-Jun-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

Everyone watching the Daytime Emmys on HLNtv was royally pissed at the craptastic AMC/OLTL tribute. Perhaps ABC Daytime was to blame for the short-shrift: allegedly, TPTB wouldn’t allow the use of clips for a decent montage.

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