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News for the week of 25-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

A few weeks back, OLTL and AMC casts for Prospect Park’s new online series gathered for a special photo shoot. The results of the photo shoot have been used in current promos, including those for Hulu — one of several available platforms.

One of OLTL’s biggest cheerleaders is Kassie DePaiva (Blair), who’s been waiting for this moment since she lost the job of her life in 2011. When ABC Daytime ended OLTL then, the actress seemed almost bereft. Except for an all-too brief cross-over on GH, where her character was passed over by Todd for Carly, DePaiva hasn’t had much acting time. All that is about to change with the Prospect Park/TOLN reboot. The cast has already begun filming in the new Stamford, CT studios March 18 and will soon unveil the same Llanview with a few liberating changes. DePaiva previewed some of what will remain the same and what will change in Carolyn Hinsey’s March 21st interview, “Tainted Dreams.” 

Unlike AMC, OLTL will not skip five years into the future, but continue on the next day. Todd will return to deal with a family crisis and revisit his smoldering passion with Blair. She’ll probably give him a hard time about dallying with GH’s Carly, and then there’s Tomas and Victor, which the actress hinted would need attending to.

As for coming back to daytime full-time after over a year’s absence, it’s going to be tough but worthwhile. “Even though we all know what we’re doing, there’s a new crew, new sets, new boss, new facility. I equate it with putting on my three-inch pumps: ‘I’ll get used to walking soon,’” DePaiva detailed. “I want you to come out Carolyn, it’s a really good vibe. Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz want this to be successful. They watch every scene. They are very hands-on and very appreciative. After working under the umbrella of a network for so long, I feel so much more freedom. They are really grateful and say ‘Thank you.’ Not that ABC wasn’t grateful, but it was a machine. We were so used to being the red-headed stepchild at OLTL; now we’re the gem in the crown. It’s nice. One actress – I won’t tell you which one – said, ‘It’s like having an abusive boyfriend that you didn’t know was abusive until you dated a nice guy.’ For the last 25 years I feel like I’ve been fighting to keep these soaps on the air. Now, it’s a fresh start. It feels similar, but it’s totally different. It’s not a daytime soap anymore. Any time you want to watch us, we’re there. It will be good for the binge watcher and for the person who just wants to visit Llanview – and really good for everyone who missed it.”

Gossip for the week of 25-Mar-2013

by Carol Banks Weber

Michael Easton (John) left GH at the same time as Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) last week. It was a touching, temporary exit. (Prospect Park licensing rights.) But will he be left out of the OLTL return altogether? Nothing much has been said about him so far. It’s mostly been about Howarth and the great Todd-and-Blair reunion, RME. I’m sure Kassie DePaiva (Blair) is chomping at the bit to have her day in the sun this time.

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