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News for the week of 28-May-2012

by Carol Banks Weber

With this year’s Daytime Emmy nomination, Robert S. Woods (ex-Bo) has allowed himself tentatively to want another award to match the one he’d won earlier in his career. Hey, if it’s good enough for pals like Tony Geary (Luke, GH) and Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R)… “You know what? I would be grinning for the rest of my life if I was to win. … I would be very happy and proud if I won. I would be so grateful. I had the good sense to come back to the show after I left, and made the choice I did to stay as long as they would keep me. One Life was very good to me, and it gave me one helluva life!” Woods submitted two different reels, actually. For the first, pre-nomination round, he submitted Bo’s confrontation with Clint at the barn. For the second one, the one that sent him on through to the finals, Woods chose a heartbreaking conversation between Bo and Viki about whether to let Clint have Matthew’s heart. Michael Fairman interview

Eddie Alderson (ex-Matthew) was all about his mentor, role model, and fellow Daytime Emmy nominee Robert S. Woods (ex-Bo) when Michael Fairman asked what it felt like to be included on the elite list this year. Alderson found out about his younger actor nomination on Twitter, then fielded tons of calls of congratulations, especially from Woods. The young actor owed everything to Woods. “I personally would not be where I was at on the show, or as a person, if it was not for Bob. He is a major part of it all. I really miss Bob. I miss seeing him everyday. It will be great to see him in June at the Daytime Emmy.” Alderson’s Emmy-nominated reel was when Matthew told his parents he was the one who killed Eddie Ford.

It’s been six months now, since OLTL went off the air, but Robert S. Woods (ex-Bo) still forgets. He’ll go along a few days, and then, he’ll go into automatic soap work mode and reach for a script to memorize, before reality comes crashing down. When former co-star Michael Easton (ex-John, OLTL; John, GH) recently suggested maybe there’s room for Bo in Port Charles to help McBain with the mob, it tickled the veteran. But not without Woods considering the politics over there at the last remaining ABC soap. “But honest to God, GH is GH. They have enough people from One Life on there now. It’s their show. It’s got to be tough when you have invested in the show, and you have been an actor who has been there years and years and years, and then you have all these new faces. You can understand them pondering, ‘Well, why don’t you think about us?’” Michael Fairman interview, May 18, 2012

Trevor St. John (ex-Todd/Victor) landed another movie, which is filming now. It’s called Tarzan (yes, that Tarzan), but he doesn’t play the lead character. He plays Tarzan’s cousin William Clayton, and co-stars with another former soap actor, Jaime Ray Newman (ex-Kristina, GH). It’s a straight to Germany release for next year.

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